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There Be Giants!

2020 gave us a crash course on what it means to live by faith. Instead of individual personal trials going on in the dark, last year was the challenge of the century placed on everyone’s shoulders. It tested our prayer lives, our knowledge of the word of God, and our love for our neighbor; not everyone washes their hands. We see a similar situation unfold in the Old Testament as God’s people wander in the wilderness. Terrible things happen that challenge the faith of an entire nation. With 2021 quickly coming to an end we have to believe what God has said about us to thrive next year. Here are 3 reasons to keep the faith in 2022.

1. There’s glory after death

We see it in the promise to those who believe that heaven awaits! We see it in the resurrection of Christ and in the seasons of the Earth where after every winter comes spring. The book of Joshua begins with the death of Moses, one of the greatest servants of God who we owe a huge “thank you” for the first 5 books of the bible (the Torah) and being obedient enough to write the 10 commandments. The man is a biblical legend! His successor, Joshua, is chosen to lead the nation into a land flowing with milk and honey, Exodus 3:8, which meant a space for them to live in God’s abundance. Right after Moses’ death the glory and promise of God was placed on Joshua. Moses’ purpose was fulfilled, and a new era began, much like how 2021 is about to run its course, 2022 is a new season for the fulfillment of God’s promises.

2. Trials come to train us

We discussed in a previous article (check it out), how we are trained by trials. “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.” James 1:2-3 2021 was the trial we needed to stretch our faith, to believe God in the midst of loss, chaos, and pain. The trial prepares us for the reward! That’s why our brother James reminds us to count it all joy, that our trials bring us to the edge of greatness if we endure. .

3. We don’t want what we don’t earn

Going through challenges is proof we’re headed in the right direction, rewards are much greater when we’ve fought, suffered, and tarried for them. As Joshua and his brothers scouted the new land, they saw giants and begin to forget the hardships of the wilderness. God had been preparing them the whole time. Think about your life, you’ve survived the hardest situations for a reason. We didn't go through the perils of 2021 just to cower in the face of giants! What good is training for a fight only to have our enemies forfeit? Next year, we will keep the faith that says “if God kept me through it, I’m headed somewhere great!” Let’s keep the faith!

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