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About us

Thank you so much for stopping by to read about our humble beginning and our continuous mission to represent Jesus on the earth! The heart and intention of Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries began in 1986 by founder Apostle Herman Robinson III. It was established to be a place of refuge for the weary, growth for the believer, and generosity to all. 


We know firsthand how limiting poverty can be, how stifling life can feel without the love of God, and how fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ can be the remedy for our strength. We’ve gone from worship services in a dilapidated building to where we are today, only by God’s grace and our persistence of His will over our own. For the past 35 years we have been witnesses of God’s faithfulness!


After the passing of our beloved Apostle Robinson, we are determined, by God’s grace to continue to serve our community, and be the love and generosity that so many people go without. Did you know there is a message in a meal and kindness in God’s kingdom? We honor God, not just because He’s worthy but, we know the importance of living life His way! What we do here at Trinity is only what instructs us to do in His Word.


If you haven’t heard it today, God loves you and has a wonderful purpose for your life!

Sharilyn Robinson


Shana M. McClendon

Pastor of Children's Ministry

Eric Williams


Vanessa Clark

Media Ministry

Kelly Armstrong

Ministry of Helps

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