• Vanessa Clark

The Maritime Ministry

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, Iceland is not an iceberg firmly floating in the Atlantic Ocean where natives live in igloos and survive off of a diet of fish. Yes, there are miles of ice and glacial hills painted by different hues of blue, where sunrises aren’t interrupted by skyscrapers, and fire meets ice in a seemingly impossible combination of volcanic systems that are alive, active, and bubbling through the icy island. Scattered throughout this underestimated block of beautiful ice is a thriving culture full of natives who in kindness and hospitality alone can warm the frigid weather. In the midst of Iceland’s growing cities are ministers who are competing with a strange opponent, “faux Christianity”, where people are Christian in name only.

Statistically, 86% of Iceland is considered Christian which can be very misleading to those confident in the country’s faith and values. What a task it must be for these appointed men and women of God to challenge the very hearts of countrymen who think they know Christ but in reality are just scratching the surface of who He is. Ironically, just like the iceberg they live on where 90% of its mass is concealed below water. Every town, city, state, and country has its opportunities for growth and those saints who are called to the woes of a people are qualified for the mission ahead. Just as Apostle Herman Robinson III has been qualified for the call just a few thousand miles south and within the same ocean begins his mission in Charleston, South Carolina.

The year is 1986 and America’s climate is still adjusting after an economic recession, Ronald Reagan coming into office as President, and the horrific AIDS epidemic. With a continuous onslaught of utter despair and the heart of God urging for His people to answer the call of service and sacrifice, those who answered the call could only be seen as Kingdom builders and an extension of God’s love for the world. In his own corner of the country Apostle Robinson approaches his assignment in Charleston, South Carolina with radical faith and vigor giving birth to Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries, an answered prayer to a sick nation and a dying world.

Just as Iceland and any other country starving for a move of God and for a people who truly know Him, Apostle Herman Robinson III understands that achieving that kind of move, that kind of revival goes beyond race, color, or status. But that diversity and unity are the foundations for the Kingdom of God, superseding geography and embracing all people. Located on King St. in Charleston just a few miles from the harbor that brings in the goods necessary for Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries to actually do their assigned missions for their communities, their determined leader Apostle Robinson ministers inside the four walls of a church but also outside as an ambassador for Christ. From feeding the hungry to evangelizing to the needy and from preparing the young to encouraging those who are imprisoned this extraordinary ministry is helping the world to realize how far God can stretch His loving hands to those who would feel otherwise abandoned.

Historically, Charleston Harbor is where the first shots of the American Civil War were fired and didn’t cease until over four years later. The free, the slaved, the old and the young contributed to the soil and waters, shaping a city in its wake. The war continues in the same city but on a different field, it continues throughout the entire world, the war for souls and the manifestation of God’s Kingdom. Right there on King St. within a quaint building, the power of God swells and ignites ministry members, preparing them for the fight and with every act of obedience they enlarge His Kingdom. It can be confidently said that the ministry Apostle Herman Robinson III began will reach past the harbor, carried by river currents and ocean waves, to the edges of Iceland and on to the world beyond. Welcome to Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries, a maritime ministry prepared to stretch its mission for Christ to the outermost corners of the sea.

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