We are a family of God participating one in the Spirit seeking to lift up Jesus Christ in a greater way.

Book: Understanding Church Discipline by

Jonathan Leeman


Every 4th Saturday:

Women's Bible Study 9:30am  


Salvation is deliverance from the penalty, pollution, and power of sin. Sin is any thought, word, or deed that either violates or falls short of complete conformity to God's Holy Laws. Jesus taught that sin is anything that doesn't reflect selfless love for God and others.


God became a member of the human race in the person of Jesus Christ, lived sinless as our substitute to fulfill God’s righteous demands, suffered and died on the cross to bear the penalty for our sin and rose from the grave to break the power of death and defeat Satan. In other words, He accepted full responsibility to pay the price for the consequences of our sin. By faith alone, neither zealous commitment to God works nor careful observance of religious ritual play a part in obtaining salvation. Salvation is not found in our efforts for God but in trusting God’s efforts for us. All he requires is that we place our trust in Christ. On that basis he gives salvation. Everything else follows.

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