• Vanessa Clark

You've Been Robbed!

When Jesus rose with all power from the grave, He rose in the authority as Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Book of Colossians declares the supremacy of Christ. We learn the importance of treating each other with respect, letting go of anger, and the powerful roles in marriage in the Book of Ephesians. Lead by the Holy Spirit and obedient to the end, Apostle Paul wrote both these books.

One day, long ago, in the city of Rome, a man was decapitated for his obedience to Christ. That man had desired to leave the earth to be in heaven early on in his journey. That man, Paul, would have robbed us of the fruitful and impactful words in those books. What do you possess that belongs to the others? What have you kept to yourself that should be shared? Here are 3 ways to avoid robbing the world of your gifts.

Many have robbed me, they’ve also robbed you. To die with ability is irresponsible. –Dr. Myles Munroe

1. Understand The Race

In the book of 2 Timothy 4:5-7 Paul wrote, “Timothy, I’ve run the race. I’ve finished the course. I’ve kept the faith. I’ve done the work. My award awaits me. I’m ready to die. Keep working after I’m gone.” Isn’t that amazing?! He was ready, he knew he had maximized his potential and he was dying emptied of his gifts. Will we be able to say the same when our time arrives? Paul describes life’s journey as a race, not out of speed, but of endurance and we can endure until the end we will reap our just award. From now until the finish line we have opportunities to understand how to run and win this race, and when we do we can be sure that we won’t perish as robbers but, we’ll be empty like Paul.

2. Obey Instructions

There’s that word again, “obey”. It’s one of the hardest things to do when our focus isn’t on purpose but on just coping and surviving life. We are meant to thrive in obedience, as hard as it may feel in the moment, dying to ourselves, taking up our cross feels horrible! There’s supernatural freedom that comes when we obey the instructions of our King. Paul was imprisoned just for preaching the Gospel but before and after his time in smelly dungeons he remained obedient. He was aware that taking his life in his own hands was distractors for heaven’s agenda. In order for us to unleash our potential, we have to obey the blueprints within our purpose.

3. Love God More Than Anything

Make no mistake the responsibility of fulfilling our purpose is a heavy load to bear. It requires a certain level of sacrifice that’s hard to understand. God equips with His word, with His presence, with His church, and promises of redemption through Jesus. We have plenty of access to God’s Kingdom as citizens and although we are bound to suffer in one way or another, the benefits of belonging to God are endless. We must mature in our faith to say “yes” to God’s will and “no” to our own. Above all else, we have to love God more than anything, and then we’ll see our gifts come alive in a world that needs them the most.

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