• Vanessa Clark

You're More Than Enough

I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

It’s been noted that the suicide rate goes up around the holidays and for those in executive positions of power the pressure is just too much to bear. It’s safe to say that when expectations are too high fear comes in to destroy everything. Most people are living below their true potential for fear that they are not enough. This is a lie from the enemy of our souls! We are fearfully and wonderfully made in its simplest terms we are created to be just like our Father; full of wonder and so awesome it’s to be revered. Here are 3 ways to see just how wonderful you truly are.

“They say Michelangelo use to walk around a block of marble for days, just walking around it, talking to himself. First, he would see things in the rock then he would go and take them out.” –Dr. Myles Munroe (Excerpt from Living With Purpose)

1. Look At God

Just as Michelangelo carved masterpieces out of stone, God formed us from His own vast mind to create perfection. Whenever we swoon at cherry blossoms in bloom, or gasp at the massiveness of blue whales, or sigh at the perfect caress of a spring breeze, we know that The Creator is having His way. God is meticulous, intentional, and all about the details of His creation and that includes us. How special we are to Him, how one of a kind, how rare and unique, we can find our value in the way He put us together and we are the splendor of all creation.

2. Look At You

Just as God looked Adam and saw a whole world, He looks at you and sees His child, a vessel filled with endless potential that gives testimony to His power and love. Check out your fingerprint, that 1 in 7 billion sign, that stamp of God’s way to single you out. Your voice, parents, your gifts, make no mistake, it’s all a part of the package that is YOU. Look at YOU! The way you see the world, the way you pray, the way you process joy, it’s all in your unique design. You are a testament to the overwhelming love of God, the masterpiece of The Creator, the evidence of God Himself. Just take a look.

3. Look Again

We can’t know what suicide victims thought of as they drew their last breath but, we can imagine that if they saw themselves for the priceless jewels they were life would’ve felt differently. When we are down and sorrow lingers at the edges of our joy we must look again. Look and see the glory that is being revealed from within us, look and see how fully loved and adored we are by God, look and see the bloodstains left on a wooden cross that bore our fate if not for Christ. Look again! Calvary magnifies our sight of God and our worthiness in His heart that He would send His Son to die in our place.

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, in Our likeness…” So God created man in His own image, in the image of God, He created him; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:26-27

Well, don’t you look just like your Father? Unleash your potential, you’re more than enough!

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