• Vanessa Clark

Worship Until the Earth Shakes

There's a misconception about what worship truly is. Some of us have resolved it to the first 20 minutes of a Sunday service and others to the slow tempo of an emotionally provoking song. Worship is so much more than that! Worship is living life well in the will of God and when we do, miraculous things happen.

When the bible tells us in John 4:23 that God is seeking for worshippers that will seek Him in spirit and in truth, this is what it means:

*Someone who tells God "yes" even when it's hard.

*Someone who searches for God's approval in all their life's decisions.

*Someone who longs to have God's heart so they can love the way He does.

*Someone who chases God with everything they have.

The list goes on but, ultimately, a true worshipper is someone who lives a surrendered life to God.

Do you fit any of these descriptions? If you do then praise Jesus! Literally...go ahead, take a few seconds to give God praise. If you're finding it difficult to relate to any of the descriptions, here is some encouragement: The world needs your worship, it needs your life to be surrendered to God. Yes, the world NEEDS little ole you to be a true worshipper. Here's why.

In the awesome book of Acts we read about two worshippers who found the strength in God to lift their hands while their feet were shackled. The hour was midnight when Paul and Silas found themselves in the lowest, darkest, dungeon, imprisoned for worshipping God (living life well in God's will).

Are you feeling trapped at midnight? Here's how you would know:

*You struggle to see God's grace through the challenges

*You pray to unburden your soul but feel shackled to your problems

*You feel weary as if you've been running through mud to no avail

*You can't remember the last time you felt peace in your bones

If you feel any of the above here is some encouragement from a loving God!

*God's grace is sufficient, it's more than enough for your challenges!

(2 Corinthians 12:9)

*Jesus tells us to cast our cares because He cares for us AND we are free in Him!

(1Peter 5:7 and John 8:36)

*Don't lose heart in your weariness because a time will come when your steadfastness will pay off! (Galatians 6:9)

*God gives you an overwhelming peace that defies your mind's understanding. (Philippians 4:7)

God is so awesome! Go ahead and take a few more seconds to give Him praise. Feel free to take a bathroom break or close your eyes in gratitude for a God who's always showing up for His worshippers!!!

Back to Paul and Silas...

In Acts 16:25 we see these two heroic men worshipping God at midnight when something amazing happens: an earthquake! Ok, wait. Can it be said that true worship to God can literally shake the Earth? Yes!!! Not only did it provoke the Earth to quake but it loosened the shackles of everyone in the jail. It reads, "Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone's chains were loosed." (Acts 16:26)


Here are the major points from that specific verse:

*True worship can be done in any circumstance. (Be encouraged to lift your hands right where you are and defy the challenge that wants to keep you down!)

*True worship can usher in the supernatural and alter the natural.

*True worship isn't just for the worshipper but, also for those who are bound. (Living a life well lived in the will of God can free those who are imprisoned around you!)

Can you now see why God is on a hunt for those who worship Him? True worship isn't always the easy thing to do but, it is the quickest and most efficient way to God's love and power crash into the Earth. You are a conduit, portal, and vessel for God to do the miraculous! Just think about it, your "yes" can heal the sick, your "Glory to God" can break chains, and your surrendered life can shake the planet!

Be encouraged today. Lift your hands in surrender, raise your voice in victory, and direct your heart to your loving Father. Go ahead...there's a whole world out there waiting for it.

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