• Vanessa Clark

Disrupt Life As You Know It!

There’s a shaky irritation we feel as we fast that tempts us to quit every few seconds and that’s a clear sign that we’re committing a sacrifice. It’s also a sign that we may be addicted to things we were unaware of. When we get caffeine headaches, useless daydreams when the television doesn’t have our attention, and those jitters from the lack of sugar, these are signs that life, as usual, has been interrupted. That is what fasting is, disrupting our routines, comforts, and addictions in order to hear, see, and feel God more clearly. It’s one of the hardest requirements of a believer’s life but it’s also the most effective. So what’s our prize after such a sacrifice? What exactly are we to gain from fasting? Here are 3 of the best benefits of fasting.

1. Obedience

Matthew 6:16 begins with “When you fast…” Jesus was speaking here and He wasn’t giving us a choice, fasting is a requirement, a healthy part of a believer's life. Why? Because He knew it took this type of sacrifice to tap into the power necessary to defeat enemies, keep our focus on faith, and remain prepared for tests and temptations. God calls us to fast and not just when tragedy hits but it is to be a part of our faith walk, a spiritual “oil change”. We are rewarded for our obedience. Firstly, our obedience is a true testament to our love for God, and secondly, we bear fruit by doing exactly what God would have us to do. When we fast we are being obedient and that alone comes with its own reward.

2. Closeness

There are other religions that fast for the sole purpose of detoxing the body and the mind. They claim to have supernatural experiences and feel in touch with the universe. As misguided as their interpretations of fasting are, the results are powerfully similar. Detox is painful, mentally, and physically, but it also brings the clarity we need. The feeling of spring cleaning your home, organizing your files, and throwing away all the junk food from your pantry, immediately makes you feel lighter and more focused. Fasting allows us to tap into the supernatural with focus and clarity which helps us to draw closer to God. How humanly realm can never penetrate God’s supernatural realm without fasting and it’s the proximity of God that we long for daily; fasting accelerates the closeness we crave (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

3. Amazing Access

Right before Jesus entered into His 3-year ministry He fasted for 40 days and 40 nights (Matthew 4:1-11). This was the catalyst that began His journey to Calvary, it prepared Him for what was to come. Jesus could access heaven’s agenda concerning His mission as He fasted. Likewise, when we fast we get the amazing opportunity to tap into what God has declared over our lives. We don’t have to navigate life on earth without an internal GPS, fasting gives us direct coordinates for our life’s purpose. Moving to another city, getting married, going into ministry, it all requires knowing heaven’s agenda and fasting gives us that access.

Fasting draws us closer to God, gives us clarity, makes us obedient, and gives us access to heaven. So as our bellies hunger and our fingers twitch to tune in to trash TV we know, without a shadow of a doubt, fasting is the sacrifice that’s totally worth it!

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