• Vanessa Clark

What Happens When We Unite?

Remember that awesome day when the Holy Spirit showed up like a flame on top of the disciples’ heads (ACTS 2:1-4) and revival spread throughout the world? Guess what? The Holy Spirit is still here to continue that fire right in our homes! Revival starts small, like a lit match, and runs wildly as if the world was dipped in gasoline. It starts with us unifying, and since we can’t all be in an upper room together, we can still stay connected in other ways that will set the world ablaze! Here are the best 3 ways to stay connected during a lockdown.

1. Join a small group (LUKE 9:1-6)

Small groups are an extension of the larger church with its members finding connections in what they have in common. They follow the blueprint from the New Testament when the church started in people’s houses and brotherly love could be demonstrated lovingly and effectively. After centuries have passed we can now join virtually, connected by technologies and airways and through the power of God which has proven to be just as effective. It’s crucial to build relationships outside of Sunday mornings!

2. Celebrate! (1 JOHN 3:16)

During this crisis our spiritual family is confined to their homes waiting on the next frightening news update, all the while times of celebration are being overshadowed by death and the destruction of the economy; that’s understandable. To stay connected we must continue to celebrate! Perhaps we can’t unite in one place and play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but we can FaceTime, Zoom, or throw watch parties to tell each other that those birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations still mean the world to us. Now is the time to get to know one another, to personally know what annual days of importance need celebrating. It creates memories and a trusting connection; knowing that in the midst of chaos our lives matter to someone we love.

3. Prayer (ACTS 1:14)

Nothing will ever bind us more effectively than prayer. It is the best resource we have to receive spiritual insight into what our brothers and sisters in Christ are going through. We all don’t have prophetic gifts but, through prayer, we can be given personal information about each other to be a blessing, to be the extension of God’s love for one another.

Joined in the upper room in prayer is what set the disciples on fire and what caused a revival in the world and it can happen again! Developing relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ, caring enough to celebrate what matters to them, and staying in constant prayer will keep us connected. To have a connection and a unity, so intense, it moves heaven to manifest the power of God on the Earth is pretty amazing! We are the conduits and the vessels that need to be unified to keep the fire going.

The evidence of God’s people be being on one accord is healing, salvation, answered prayer, and revelation, the list of benefits goes on and on. It starts today, right now, a phone call, a text message, accepting an invite to the next small group meeting. A move toward unity today is the promise of revival in the world tomorrow!

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