• Vanessa Clark

Worthy of the Call

With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may bring to fruition your every desire for goodness and your every deed prompted by faith.

2 Thessalonians 1:11

We were born with the solutions to our generation and surrounded by the endless potential of our purpose. Look around! How many of us will continuously be held hostage to the wrongs of this world when what’s within us can make it right? Scary! Unworthiness isn’t a question of humanity when God ultimately decides who is or isn’t worthy. Sin, mistakes, or errors can’t diminish our potential. Here are 3 reasons why our worthiness relies solely on the will of God.

1. God does the choosing

There is something amazing about seeing our stories through the lens of faith. Whether we had traumatic childhoods, failed marriages, or damaging relationships, our journey to this present day is a testament to God’s faithfulness. If we’ve survived it then God will bless it and turn it around for our good. There’s a freedom that comes with knowing the awful things that happen to good people isn’t a direct punishment from God, it’s a test or trial He chose to bring us through. How effective is a cancer survivor’s testimony to those who are in the middle of the fight of their lives? God chooses to use our stories to connect with others and bring them back to Him. We should then be grateful that God has chosen us to endure and claim victory over the very things that tried to kill us. People all over the world are waiting to hear how we made it out!

2. God does the calling

Joseph was the little brother sold into slavery by his own brothers. How can such a horrible thing happen to a man that would become second in command of the free world? God chose him because what he would endure getting to the point of power and influence required his heart to answer God’s call. Joseph was thrown into prison for years over a crime he didn’t commit and it was in the depths of despair that he said “yes” to God’s will. Perhaps, success and comfort would have muted the ears and heart of Joseph, maybe that resounding “yes” to God’s plan would’ve never been surrendered had he not hit rock bottom. Joseph was an intricate part of the Hebrews becoming a nation; the succession of people that ushered the Messiah into the world


3. God does the qualifying

Anywhere you look in the Bible you’ll see flawed people; drunkards, adulterers, and murderers all unworthy, all a mess. Yet, chosen, called, and qualified by God! Often we ignore the pull of our potential that supplies the demands of gifts because we feel unqualified but, God qualifies those He calls. Even with our terrible pasts, dark secrets, disabilities, and traumas, God sees us for who He created us to be, not as the consequences of what has been done to us or, what we have done to ourselves. We qualify! Glory to God! With a love that never gives up and a power that never fails, God qualifies us for the manifestation of our potential.

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