• Vanessa Clark

The Underdog

After the sharp crack that echoed through the valley, the great Goliath fell to the ground dead. David, the humble shepherd boy with soil underneath his nails and a herd of sheep to get back to, won the victory for his people. We remember the swell of victory we felt knowing that the underdog won the battle, and how what David did long ago would encourage people through generations about the faithfulness of God. When we fast forward, we see that the same David is now king, but we find him cowering in the fields from the threat of death by his own son Absalom.

Absalom had worked his sneaky campaign behind is father David’s back to rile up the people on his side. 2 Samuel 15:13A messenger came and told David the hearts of the people of Israel are with Absalom.” He even staged a coup to get people to shout that he was the reigning king. The betrayal is unimaginable! How could blood David's own blood dishonor him in such a way, to puff himself up with so much pride that he would find comfort in dividing a people? Yes, the same people who escaped slavery and wicked Pharaohs now lived in cities and were free to worship God their deliverer as they saw fit. For most of us the solution would be swift and straight forward; take off your belt and beat Absalom for being so disrespectful! You brought him into this world, and you’d take him out! King David fled and hid. Why?

Some time later, Absalom provided for himself a chariot with horses and fifty men to run before him. 2 Samuel 15:1

While David served King Saul, he faced a similar situation where he found himself hiding in a cave while the king hunted him down. The same King Saul who David use to play his harp for, in order to cast out the demons that were tormenting him. This was the same king who David fought many battles for, gaining victories for the pride of the people but, out of violent jealousy King Saul saw to destroy David. David didn’t raise a hand to King Saul although he had the heart of the people, he did it because he feared God.

Have you ever had to guard the doorways of your mouth from speaking negatively against someone who did you wrong? Have you ever had to turn the other cheek knowing it had cost you your pride? More importantly, do you remember what you gained from keeping the character of Christ in the midst of a challenge? David honored God above his own agenda of revenge for King Saul and Absalom. Of course, in the end, both foes fell to their deaths, and God gave King David the victory. He had a heart after what God wanted as oppose to getting even with those who intended to hurt him.

2 Samuel 15:1 "Sometime later, Absalom provided for himself a chariot with horses and fifty men to run before him." Even when your enemy parades in front of you know that God repays. While the world would instruct you to take your revenge, remain in a remnant moment, going against the popular response, and honor God above your getting even. It may seem that you’re the underdog in the moment of injustice, but watch as God prepares a table in the presence of your enemies. (Psalm 23:5) Be encouraged in the midst of your challenges and pull up a chair.

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