• Vanessa Clark

The Power of a Made Up Mind

You have a deposit of God’s ability!” –Dr. Myles Munroe

There’s a big connection between the power of thinking and the power of doing. The limits of your actions are a direct result of limited thinking. Proverbs 23:7 tells us, “If you can conceive it, you can do it”. Wait…So the Word of God declares that the way we think has a lot to do with what we can or cannot do. That’s pretty powerful! Maximizing our potential has everything to do with what’s in our heads. It’s safe to say that what we put in our minds can make or break the potential we have and ruin our purpose. Here are 3 reasons why a healthy mind is the key to unleashing your potential.

1. Diseases aren’t just physical

More than ever we’re seeing awareness for mental health. From the mental state of gun owners who commit mass shootings, to celebrities starting movements about depression within the industry, mental health is imperative. Physical diseases can be easier to cure from testing and samples but, the disease of the mind is much harder to identify. Multiple personality disorder, bipolar, or postpartum issues can rob a person of their purpose, without the healing of God, it’s almost impossible for potential to be realized. The mind can be a playground for the most nightmarish, paralyzing, and confounding thoughts.

2. Thoughts aren’t invisible

2 Corinthians 10:5 says, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” The bible speaks of the mind as if it’s a war zone, the perfect nesting ground of evil to take root and challenge the word of God. The quickest way to fall asleep is to read the word of God or pray, which is speaking the word of God. The most heated debates are biblical, the most alluring entertainment challenges our minds, and the most harmful weapons begin to take shape in our minds. Thoughts lead to actions, meaning whenever someone builds a business or even commits a crime, it began as a thought. Actions are our thoughts in real time this is why a healthy mind is the starting point for unleashing our potential.

3. Minds have to be renewed

When the book of Romans tells us to “be transformed by the renewing of our mind” it’s speaking to the health and power of our thought life. There is a huge difference between the mind of Christ and sinful thinking. At times we settle for our humanity when God is calling us to higher places in Him, which requires a shift in our thinking and rewards us with ways of thinking like God. Oh the possibilities that lay in the mind, the world-changing power we have churning up there! We are encouraged to think like God because then we can do what God can. Crazy to think about but it’s true! God allows you to think only about what you can do, so if you think it it’s an idea that God is waiting for you to act on...go ahead and unleash your potential!

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