• Vanessa Clark

The N Word

Racism in America is a widespread disease that saturates the soil we stand on. America is known for being the "land of the free" but, has thrived as a superpower from those it has enslaved. Native Americans were slaughtered by the millions only to be replaced by Europeans who assumed absolute power. Races who were stolen or migrated to these lands were enslaved as well. From Japan to America's indigenous people, racism casted a wide net that destroyed generations of peoples and cultures. More than a disease, more than destructive and dehumanizing, racism is Anti-God. It goes against the very character of a Creator who spoke diversity into the universe for all to enjoy. (Malachi 2:10) In God's kingdom the color of Jesus' blood shed on Calvary is the only one that counts and brings everyone else together. Racism is a consequence of sin. James 2:9 But if you favor some people over others, you are committing sin. You are guilty of breaking the law.

Leaving mankind to define morality is like leaving a toddler with a lit match; dangerous. The history of man proves that when left to their own devices they begin to pick and choose what lives are more important than others. Of course those with a darker skin color are the same as cattle, they're savages who should be used to further along the expansion of humanity. Labor, blood, and children were the forced contributions of slaves, and all because the mindset of greed and ignorance placed races in an unjust hierarchy of worthiness.

When Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the singing of the National Anthem our country was in an uproar. So many soldiers had died defending our nation, how could Kaepernick be so disrespectful? This is what our history has taught us; when confronted with our own brutal mistakes divert to rooting for America's ego, we wouldn't want to look so divided by other countries. Racism is connected to slavery, slavery was so long ago, let's all forgive and forget. Oh if it were only that easy but, we see racism everyday with racial profiling, police brutality, and red lining. There are systems in place to keep certain races from living their best lives and giving overwhelming advantages to others. This deep seeded disease can only be cured through the love and power of God.

Contrary to the stain of slavery in American history, racism doesn't just discriminate against African Americans or Native Americans, the same can be said for any race of people who have caught this disgusting disease. The symptoms are as follows: making distinctions between facial structures and skin tones and determining which are lesser or greater, hearing or reading a name and immediately determining which race it belongs to, showing favoritism to a group of people assuming their income by demographic, the list goes on. No one is immune to racism, no matter what color or upbringing but, they do have a choice to be cured. If racism is sin then Jesus is the cure, the One who loves us in spite of sin. (Romans 5:8)

Sadly, Racism is even evident in the church. Let's all watch as that black preacher hoops and hollers or that white preacher put his congregation to sleep with his mousy sermon. Is this what Christ has died for? The segregation of God's presence due to melanin and outrageous social statuses? "Where the Spirit of God is there is liberty." (2 Corinthians 3:17) In His Kingdom there is diversity just as you have more than one type of flower, or animal, or fruit. Our Father's imagination is so beyond our understanding but, we get to enjoy the works of His hands through the shades and hues of His glory. We all have to meet Him one day and those covered by the blood of His precious Jesus, that ran red for us all, will not be turned because of our race. God would NEVER do that. NEVER! That's the N word we should be most moved by.

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