• Vanessa Clark

The Aftermath

When storms hit our lives with devastating winds and torrential downpours it’s hard to know how to survive. With hurricane Dorian making its way north to disturb the peace of thousands more after leaving behind power outages, debris, and death, how do we pick up the pieces? Storms in the natural only mimic spiritual storms that we must endure and Jesus gave us the solution. Jesus arose from a nap, during a hurricane in the middle of the sea, to His disciples freaking out with fear. He spoke only three words that dissipated the storm, “Peace. Be still.” and that is the remedy to our storms, peace.

In these all telling passages, Mark 4:35-41, we see what having ultimate faith looks like as Jesus naps while a hurricane threatens their tiny boat in a vicious sea. It wasn’t even the roaring waves that woke him but the pleas of his fearful disciples saying, “Teacher, don’t you care that we’re going to drown?”. Jesus’ faith was demonstrating to his disciples that no matter the storm, no matter how big the storm, He had the power to overcome what would try to destroy them. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t care about the fate of His beloved brothers, but He understood that God was in control and His life was submitted to His Father.

Most people with hectic lives and long work days would do anything for a semblance of peace. They try yoga, going on elaborate vacations, or even self-medication to keep from drowning in life’s demands. The only lifejacket and saving grace to a life overwhelmed by storms is Jesus; the One who speaks into a storm and creates peace. Calling on His name, building our faith in His word, and allowing our relationship with Him to grow is what anchors us in the midst of a storm. Nothing else will do and nothing else compares.

Jesus asked His disciples the same question He asks us today; “What are you afraid? Do

you still have no faith?” (verse 40). What is so sad about this question is that Jesus was on the boat with them, among them and yet they still feared for their lives. It is not the will of God that we should walk with Him daily and still be afraid of life’s storms. Jesus questioned their faith and He asks us as well, “Do you trust me in the midst of situations that feel like howling seas and pouring rain? Do you trust me when you can’t see past your pain and loss? Am I still your God when life overwhelms you?” When we say yes to God’s will in our most painful moments, we are confessing that we believe He is who He says He is and that He can do just what said He can do. (Numbers 23:19)

We don’t have to go searching for peace, it’s right there in the scarred hands and feet of our Savior. Jesus paid it all for us to be anchored in Him, a victor over death, hell, and the grave. He promises that the same power He possesses we now possess (Romans 6:10). We can boldly speak to the storm, just as He did, and know that peace will be the outcome. As we sweep up our streets, wait for flooding waters to recede, and bury our loved ones, let’s take in a single breath. We are here, we’ve survived, and if God can keep us in peace during the storm, then He will hold our hands during the aftermath.

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