• Vanessa Clark

Table For One

Everyone is looking for love. Movies and television have told the masses that it’s just around the corner, at their places of business, and even on their phones. Dating apps have opened the door for single people to meet more single people with the swipe of a thumb. In the searching and waiting process of being single so many make terrible choices out of frustration. It can’t possibly take this long to meet “the one”, perhaps there is no “one” and life is a culmination of somebodies who may add up to “the one.” We’ve all been there. We’re sold on a dream from the entertainment industry only to rush into bad situations for the fear of growing old with no one. There is a blessing in being single and as long as we have our noses to the ground sniffing out our next conquest, we’ll miss the benefits of serving God without the pressure of serving a spouse.

In the beauty of singleness, a person can have the time to pursue their dreams, careers, and even decide where they’d like to live. They can seek God concerning their life’s purpose and ministry. Freedom. Now take that same time frame and tie an anchor to it, adding a spouse and a few toddlers. How does that pursuit feel now? Like trying to run in mud! Will you be better off if you got married? (1 Corinthians 7:26) Marriage is a

blessing but singleness, contrary to popular belief is just as much a blessing. Time. To create a life that is worth celebrating with a spouse is what your singleness is about, creating that life in the middle of a marriage may cost you everything. Just as we have to crawl before we walk the healthiest way to wait for marriage is by living a full life now, in singleness.

Ok, so here’s the heavy stuff. Getting married before you are ready can kill another person. You can ruin and damage another human being just to satisfy a dream of the marital package. If you needed surgery you wouldn’t want your surgeon to have rushed through medical school. If you needed your home built you wouldn’t want the contractor to misuse the tools necessary to build a solid foundation. (1 Corinthians 7:28) Why would you rush through your singleness only to have your marriage crash and burn due to your lack of respect for the process? Respect the process! The point of your singleness isn’t marriage the point is wholeness. It takes wholeness to understand that as a husband you will

have to stand before God and give an account for your family. The crosses you’ll have to bear on a daily basis can have the power to take you out. As a wife your responsibility to serve and respect your husband will not be stopped just because you’re having a bad day. Submission is the power to a fruitful marriage and there is no room for your pride. Learn this in your singleness and save your marriage now.

A young woman sits at a table, in a provocative cocktail dress sipping a martini from a glass smeared with her red lipstick when suddenly a tall, dark, and handsome stranger taps her on the shoulder. Fast forward a few years and they’re living in a grand house surrounded by a white picket fence with children playing in the front yard. Maybe your future version of these typical “boy meets girl” scenarios ends in a condo on a beach or a high rise in a city, but no matter the edifice, the picture remains the same. If only you could meet that “one” person that changes everything. Are you changing or are you just tired of being lonely? Have you met the biblical requirements of your singleness? Have you given your all to God, loving Him with all of your heart, soul, and mind? (Matthew 22:37) You can practice marital principles now by serving God, walking with Him. So, as you sit in a restaurant and sip a beverage from a cup, staring at the empty seat across from you, you can smile with confidence. At the moment “the one” may not be sitting with you but you are most certainly not alone.

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