• Vanessa Clark

Promises VS Pandemics

We are seeing people at their worst as they run around buying annual supplies of bathroom tissue and aggressively protesting for businesses to open. Folks are injecting themselves with disinfectant to get their insides clean, staying six feet away from each other, wearing masks and latex gloves; it all looks like a horrible Sci-Fi movie. Getting clean and staying clean is the name of the game during a pandemic. We go to any lengths necessary to fight off a virus that threatens our lives but, what if we took the same focus and applied it to sin? The first pandemic to hit the world was sin and the wages of it has caused death and destruction. Mercifully, WE HAVE A CURE!

The world has a history of outbreaks starting with the Garden of Eden. In God’s gracious love He gave us perfection and we soiled it with selfishness and pride. We didn’t eat the forbidden fruit because we were hungry, we ate it for what it represented; the chance to be like God.


Sin flooded the earth so absolutely that God had to flood it with rain; the most effective and horrific cleanup job the world has ever known. It seems like a harsh way to get us to do right in the eyes of God but, the bible tells us in Genesis 6:5The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.”

There were only 8 survivors, people who were flawed but obedient to God, and so He started over with just 8 to the population we see today. A pandemic is a wakeup call to how we are living, and if we were honest with ourselves, it isn’t until something horrible happens that we realize how much we need God. When we surrender our lives to sin we are at the mercy of its consequences and God always swoops in to save us from ourselves.

Let’s not misunderstand God.

What causes the most fear in people is the unknown and no matter how much the media gives us “facts”, there is still so much that is unclear about what’s really going on. We’re quarantined in our homes wondering what’s next, anxiously waiting for the “ok” to go back to work, and flooding our minds with TikTok videos for entertainment.

While we have the time we should seek the face of God to better understand His heart. If God is so adamant about every intricacy within our humanity surely He’s concerned about how we’re processing this pandemic. It isn’t in His character to leave us alone in dark times and we see evidence of this with the gift of life after the fall of man, the rainbow after the flood, and Jesus, the ultimate cure for it all.

As we wring our hands in anxiousness, pace our living rooms, and suffer sleepless nights from worry, we must know that God is a promise keeper. God’s promises will always trump any pandemic because His goal is to redeem us back to Him. After the first pandemic, sin, God promised to save us once and for all through Jesus, whose name transcends time and space. When we speak His name it floods us with peace, assures us of God’s love, and cures our hearts of sin.

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