• Vanessa Clark

Oh The Burnout!

Some of the best servants of God are no longer serving Him because of burnout. Perhaps they ministered to people while neglecting their family, or pretended they weren’t exhausted as they said “yes” to another task, or they believe the pain of serving and sacrifice is part of their redemption. Burnout is the evidence of doing things outside the strength of God. No matter how good or beneficial our service to the kingdom may be, it all should be executed within the plan of God. Here are 3 ways to avoid burnout while living out your potential.

1. Check your motives

We may have great ideas that will expand the kingdom of God, grow our church membership, and impact the community but, we must check our motives before executing these ideas. What may start off as an innocent implementation to better the world around us could very well be the snare that plummets us into a pit of burnout and despair. How can something so good be twisted into something so dangerous? Motives. Our actions are birthed in our intent, something as small as celebrating birthdays every month can turn into a craving for attention if the motive is wrong. All we do should be saturated in prayer and supported by the word of God so when we move forward with godly plans our motives are pure and God gets all the glory.

2. Check the atmosphere

Even the purest heart can be tempted in the most lustful of atmospheres. Curiosity alone is enough to open a door that leads to the wrong path. We believers can find ourselves in the strangest situations, consumed by what’s around us, and lost in confusion. We are not all intended to thrive, minister, or succeed in just any atmosphere. A humble bible study teacher may find the boldness needed to lead worship daunting and overwhelming, whereas teaching the Word of God, for them, creates an atmosphere of power and authority. The conditions in which we unleash our potential is just as crucial as the timing, and the effectiveness. Trying to make an impact in the wrong atmosphere is as useless as trying to swim in sinking sand.

3. Check for God’s will

Here’s a scary thought...we must always seek God’s will to know where and when we should unleash our potential. We often think it’s the major decisions we should seek God’s approvable for and forget that even our acts of kindness and where we sow our seeds depends on heaven’s agenda. Matthew 7:6 warns us against wasting what is holy on people who are unholy, those who are more than happy to use our gifts for their gain, or those who use our giving to do harm to themselves or others. Yes, even our generosity needs to be under the direction of the Spirit of God. We can spend years at a job or ministry working to the point of burnout without understanding that our potential relies on the strength of God, it relies on His will and timing.

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