• Vanessa Clark

Memorial Day

Friday begins an extended weekend for employees, booming business for grocery stores, and nostalgic TV show reruns but, this time there’s a pandemic throwing a monkey wrench in the festivities. It’s going to be hard to celebrate at the family barbeque when people are 6ft apart and trying to enjoy food everyone’s wondering whether or not it has been touched by a carrier of COVID-19. It’s insane! Here’s the silver lining; perhaps for the first time in a long time we won’t sum up this holiday to themed party flags and burgers on the grill. Maybe, this time, we’ll have a chance to sit back and take in what this holiday really means. Here are 3 new ways to celebrate Memorial Day during a pandemic.

1. Don’t Wait Until Christmas!

Usually around Christmas time the country feels a lot more charitable; we give out Veteran boxes, frequent more soup kitchens, and give out countless pairs of socks to the homeless. Why wait to deck the halls to serve our Veterans? They need us all year round! We should seek them out, love on their families, give to a charity that helps them, and support them however we can. Small kindnesses all over our nation will compound to a movement of care for these brave men and women who risked everything for us to be safe.

2. Be Patriotic

With elections coming up in November our nation has never been more divided. Secret plots, hidden agendas, and selfish politics has everyone suspicious of each other but, no matter what side you stand on your feet are still on US soil. That’s the greatest thing our country has given us; the freedom to express our differences. So, while we try not to argue over who to vote for, let’s celebrate those who have fought for us to keep those rights and extend a little grace to each other. Let’s picture them away from their loved ones, confronting war, gruesome physical labor, and let’s try to do what they do when confronted with hard times; unite.

3. Show Honor

It’s beautiful to see all the positive attention essential and service workers are getting. It’s as if a light bulb went off in our country to shine a light on how hardworking these workers are and we’ve decided to stand up and show them honor. We give them discounts, thank them for their service, and acknowledge their hard work. This Memorial Day let’s extend the same loving kindness to our Veterans, let’s show them honor however we can. Let’s open doors for them, salute them with kindness, keep to our Veterans, let’s show them honor however we can. Let’s open doors for them, salute them with kindness, keep their parking spaces available; the list goes on, right down to letting them eat the last slab of ribs at the family barbeque.

In 1886 the US decided to make Memorial Day a federal national holiday to observe the men and women who had died while serving in the Armed Forces. We can visit them at cemeteries and mourn their unmarked graves, let’s add honoring their fellow soldiers who serve us now. Honor is due, so let’s find a way to do just that; in or out of a pandemic.

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