• Vanessa Clark

Lost Without A Cause

Lately, we’ve been all feeling emotions that inspire us to want to change the world. Impassioned speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X being aired on TV remind us of a generation that fought for the rights that we now have. Protesters with their fists high in the air, mouths covered by masks but the fire in the eyes say a thousand words. We can feel it, the shaking underneath our feet, the shifting of realms, tells us that change is here! As we witness people making moves for the betterment of our world and others trying to tear it down, we may feel lost without a cause or confused about our actual purpose; here are 3 ways to find your purpose in the midst of chaos.

1. What breaks your heart?

The best way to know who you are called to is to weigh your heart concerning the matter. There are terrible and catastrophic issues going on right now, which one cries out to you the loudest? What do you weep over? What keeps you up at night? These are the issues that break your heart, that have you reaching for the hand of God for strength in how to navigate your life within the issue. There is a relentless heartbeat toward a calling that only you were created to answer in your own unique way. Tap into your heart the next time you want to burst into tears over hungry children, prisoners, or even troubled teens in your local community; it’ll reveal your true purpose.

2. What can’t you live without?

We all develop certain comforts as we build lifestyles that sustain us. Our favorite cup of tea, devotional book, or the blanket we can’t sleep without. We have business clothes that make us feel more confident going into meetings, or our favorite coffee shop where everyone smiles as you walk through the door. We build our lives around what’s comfortable; it’s the American dream, no one wants to struggle. When all our possessions are taken and we have no choice but to be thankful for the sip of water that replaces our $7 cup of coffee, it becomes clear what we can live without.

No matter what comforts we’ve built around us our purpose will always call us to another level of challenges. Expensive food tastes different when we hunger for third world countries to receive proper nutrition, and we personally see to it that we are involved. The freedom we have to travel anywhere in the world loses its appeal when all we can think about is reaching those who are imprisoned. There’s that “thing” you just can’t live without, and it causes you to disrupt life as you know it to make sure this painful burden is tended to.

3. What’s the word spoken over your life?

Your purpose will always and forever be wrapped in the Word of God. It deliberately tells us in Matthew 25:36, “I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.” Jesus was acknowledging the works of His people which shows us that we are all gifted to be generous, kind, and loving. Finding your specific purpose will always fall under the attributes of Christ. At times we may have an encounter with God during prayer or a fellow brother or sister may prophesy to us confirming God’s purpose for our lives. What amazing moments! Go back and recall those moments, in them you’ll find the big WHY you’ve been pursuing.

The bible tells us in Job 42:2 I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop You.” Job was declaring the power of God and how His purpose never fails. He is our backing, our support, our loving Father who will give us the strength to fulfill the purpose He has placed in us! Be encouraged, chaos isn’t a reason to quit it’s the birthing place for your purpose!

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