• Vanessa Clark

Let's Stay Together

According to statics about half of everyone who will read this article are products of divorce. The pain isn’t hard to forget when we recall the tearing of our foundation, the split our love had to endure while choosing which parent to live with. Perhaps, those who read this have been through an actual divorce and mourning the loss of what should have been is beyond a pain that can be explained. Divorce is the dissolution of a partnership, a breakup with consequences of epic proportion. Not all reasons for divorce are bad, at times it’s the healthiest thing a couple can do but, the consequences still remain. When our families are showing signs of breaking apart, it’s wise to act quickly to save what God has put together. Here are the best three ways to prevent divorce in our families.


We learned this in our previous article how crucial communication is and one of the benefits of it is preventing divorce. When someone tries to convey how they feel at the last second to try to salvage their marriage it can be too late. Years of resentment and hurt build up only leading to an explosion of words and actions that can’t be reversed. We must communicate! Begin with talking as a couple and if that doesn’t help try talking in front of a mediator, a professional who’s going to lend a listening ear and lifesaving counsel.


When we look at the family dynamic today we would see an entire family together but each on a digital device. Family dinners aren’t the same anymore and eye contact is becoming a foreign concept. The more time we spend with each other the more we can learn the value of our families. We must invest time in being together! It’s harder to walk away from a spouse than a stranger and when we’ve invested love in one another the need to stay together keeps us together.

This togetherness can only be accomplished with time and agreement. The bible teaches us that two people walking together must agree on where they are going (Amos 3:3). Setting guidelines and family goals is crucial, from family vacations to bedtimes, agreeing on how time is spent together is important. Married couples must be in agreement when their time will be spent away from family in order to stay bonded. The unity of our marriages will reflect in the overall health of family.


Without sounding too religious, having Jesus at the center of our marriages is the wisest thing to do. He is the gift that keeps on giving, the root of all things beautiful, and the cornerstone for our families. Jesus is the key to solving every single problem that rises in our marriages because He understands the meaning of oneness. When God said “Let us make man in Our own image…” (Genesis 1:26), He was speaking to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God knew that the relationship, the oneness, and the family dynamic that the Trinity had established was worth duplicating in humanity. As the Author of the family God knows best how to keep us together and it’s His words we communicate, His love that keeps us together, and Jesus at the center that secures our success. Divorce is difficult and traumatic but, is there anything too hard for God to repair?

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