• Vanessa Clark

Know the King

The first few months of the year inspires churches everywhere to commit themselves to a fast (Matthew 6:16) as a sign of good faith for the rest of the year. It's believed that an offering of sacrifice in January allows an easier transition into a life of obedience as it brings us closer to knowing the will of God for our lives. Even with our rumbling stomachs and our loss for words, when we pray as the minutes slowly go by, our minds can wander into what God will do for us. With this kind of sacrifice there's no way God wouldn't bless us with the houses we've prayed for all last year, or the promotions we deserve or even the spouse we feel we need. The hunger we feel that echoes in our bellies as we eat yet another salad, may remind us of what God is going to do for us but are we missing the point?

Let's rewire the thought processes in our minds into realizing exactly where these material blessings that we are longing for come from. As we pray for wealth and prosperity let's realize the impact it'll have on our lives; will it bring us closer to God or consume us? Are we using the prayer to gain wealth as a reminder to build our faith knowing that the God we serve owns everything? Our walk with our Father isn't wasted on rushing to the end, but it's the journey; how He holds our hands, and makes us smile and even woos us with blessings and miracles. Do you know the God who has prepared a mansion for you in heaven?

Our focus while fasting may be for God to eliminate our enemies and our thought processes may be so focused on getting the victory over them that we miss what God is trying to do in us. Are we realizing that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities in dark places? (Ephesians 6:12) Have we learned that a victory over a lost soul is of more value than the humiliation of a hater? Perhaps our hearts are a few enemies away from being hardened and God wants us to rely on His peace; vengeance is His and He will repay. Do you know Jehova Gibbor Milchamah, the Lord God mighty in battle?

We may be fasting and praying about our identity in God or needing clarity on our calling and purpose. It's the greatest ache in our hearts and the biggest question; who are you? It may send us into confound perplexity but God placed that void in us so that we can find the answers in Him! How are we to know who we are? Like a small child taking his chubby hand to his face examining his reflection wondering how he could look so much like his father, we too carry the traits of our Father. Made in His image and adopted through Christ we call Him Abba (Romans 8:15), when you know whose you are you'll know who are. Do you know God as father?

As we fast and pray for every reason under the sun let's refocus the goal of our sacrifice to getting to know the God we're walking around hungry for. Let's pursue God with all tenacity and vigor. What's His favorite time of day to talk to you? What can you do to woo Him? In a world of darkness how can you make Him smile if only but for a moment? What does God love and hate? While we run this race we know we are bound to cross a finish line and King Jesus will have two things to say to us; (Matthew 25:21 and 7:23) well done my good and faithful servant or, depart from me I never knew you. Do you know the King?

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