• Vanessa Clark

Kingdom Covering

Have you ever woken up to a bright morning where the grass gleams from the sunlight and creates an HD green that must have been edited by Photoshop? When you step in it your shoes are suddenly streaked with drops of water although your weather app didn’t alert you to any overnight showers. It can feel like a magic trick, obvious precipitation under your feet but no other evidence of it anywhere else. Scientifically, when the atmosphere is saturated with moisture due to high temperatures and those temperatures drop, it forms dew. Similarly, the Kingdom of God saturates the atmosphere above us and rains down on us a covering of love, protection and, goodness.

There is something about “covering”, about being covered that can spread a warm feeling through your heart. When you’re dining out and the bill arrives at your table and a friend reaches out to take it saying, “I’ve got you covered.” you’re immediately overwhelmed with gratitude. The Word of God tells us to “Cast our cares on Him because He cares for us.” (1 Peter 5:7) God cares about what we care about, He’s just that personal and when it comes down to the heavy stuff that weighs us down, He kindly asks us to pass it to Him. God is always willing to pick up the check because He loves us.

In God’s Kingdom we are covered as a way of protection. He protects us from harm,

seen and unseen, and He protects us from ourselves when we believe we know our lives better than He does. In the summer days when we’re bullied by the heat of the sun we run to shade for relief, for covering. When it suddenly begins to pour and we are without an umbrella we immediately begin to run to the nearest covering to avoid being

drenched by nature. Any time we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation our first instinct is to find a hiding place, a covering, and it applies to our spiritual lives just as it does in the natural. “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalm 91:1) God isn’t just waiting for feet to come running to Him, He’s wanting people to dwell, rest and stay under His covering. In the event that life begins an unexpected downpour, He’s got you covered.

Have you ever noticed that immediately after feeling a physical pain your hand goes to the area that’s hurting? It’s as if the healing you hold in your hands doesn’t need your permission to aid in comforting the hurt, it just automatically covers. In God’s Kingdom the answer to every ailment is the price Jesus paid after being sentenced to death. “By His stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5) It’s the greatest healthcare plan this world as ever seen! What covers our lives when we suffer from sickness or disease is Jesus’ sacrifice made over 2000 years ago that never expires. He’s got you covered.

In the book of Genesis, we read about the fall of man and when they knew they were naked they covered themselves. (Genesis3:7) Ironic how God’s heart for us is to always be under His covering and yet our sin has us covering ourselves; inefficiently, to say the least. When we are in agreement with God’s Word, God’s ways and, God’s plan for us we are guaranteed the benefits of being under His covering. God’s Kingdom has the best recruitment strategy of all time, “Choose Me and receive all that I Am and all that I have.” Tell Him yes today and Jesus will stand before you, with a smile that lights up the whole universe, to welcome you to a new life in Him. Come what may, He’s got you covered!

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