• Vanessa Clark

Kingdom Covenants

On the day after Christmas in 1973 the most iconic horror film was released into the public. The Exorcist was loosely based on a true story which only heightened people’s curiosity, leading them into theaters all around the world in droves. It was the ninth highest grossing movie in the US and Canada. According to the world’s view It was frightening, extremely popular, and very lucrative. To the Kingdom of God, it was an attack in which believers everywhere would sound an alarm: code red! Satan’s kingdom had launched a nuclear missile. Suddenly, there was a doorway into hundreds of millions of minds where Satan had desensitized them to the truth about the demonic realm and unknowingly to most, he signed the masses up for a covenant with himself.

Horror movies, violent video games, the new age movement; what’s the big deal, right? But the truth is everything we consume through our eyes and ears have tiny seeds that will bear fruit in one way or another. The spiritual realm is just as real as the world around us. Christians believe in the one true God who is a spirit and God has an enemy who also is a spirit. The war between them has been going on since before the creation of man, but now humanity is the conduit in which either side can be used for their kingdom agenda.

Those who bow to God’s enemy aren’t always bad people. The people we vilify and incriminate, the people we freely call evil aren’t the only ones who are against God. Those who rely on their own morality, who are advocates for humanity’s ways of living are also enemies of God. Why? Sounds harsh, right? Satan was banished from heaven because of his pride, he experienced the glory that was due to God and wanted it for himself. Similarly, humanity is plagued by pride. In forgetting our Creator, we declare we were formed from nothing. We kill unborn children and call it our freedom to choose. In our attempt at world peace and inclusion, we denounce Christ as the only way to God. These are signs that Satan’s kingdom has infiltrated this world and into our lives, where even the smallest decisions that go against God seem harmless.

When things happen that are beyond humanity’s comprehension, we call it magical or miraculous or just bizarre. Even with strong evidence of other worldly occurrences within our physical world it’s still difficult for us to draw the line in who we will serve; God or Satan. We love our options, we love our freedom of choice and so having to pick a side seems limiting, but if we are given just two choices it should make choosing easier, right? Picking a kingdom to swear allegiance to is the easiest and hardest thing we will ever have to do because God’s kingdom requires our life in its entirety and Satan’s kingdom requires for you to “keep doing you” so he can have your eternity. Do we do what we want so that we can live for today or do we do the will of God so that we can live eternally? Simply put, there are two kingdom covenants with two dotted lines awaiting your signature and with alarms blaring, we believers implore you to choose LIFE!

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