• Vanessa Clark


Have you ever wanted to throw yourself out of a plane? To free fall from 12,000 feet in the air with nothing to save your life but a thin sheet of nylon and some rope sounds insane, but it’s on millions of people’s bucket lists. It’s hard to understand why anyone would find this appealing; the need to challenge death to feel more alive. Adrenaline junkies live there lives this way. Bungee jumps, skydives, and rock climbing without ropes are just some ways these junkies express their absolute need for adventure. As if life isn’t real enough, they choose to be hyperactive, experiencing one dangerous act at a time. What’s missing? What’s so boring or complacent about their lives that they choose to live it this way? For most, it’s lack of knowing their calling.

"For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable." Romans 11:29

Comic Con is held annually in the largest convention center in San Diego California. It’s where folks dress up as their favorite superhero or fiction character and interact with those with a love for make-believe. It seems fun, to pretend to be someone else, but it begs the question; of dissatisfaction with their own identities. “If I am happy being me why do I feel the need to be someone else?” It’s so hard to view who you are without knowing who created you. Knowing God is essential to our identity. Being created for greatness and yet denying our own superpowers is as depressing as a blind man who could really see if he would just open his eyes.

At times, when the weight of life’s challenges crushes a human being their way out could come in the form of a needle, or a pill, or a plate of food. Addiction kills millions of

people and what is most surprising is that it is self-inflicted. Choosing to numb the pain of a loss or the stress of overwhelming responsibilities can feel, or the lack of, as if you’re saving your life. It’s the ugliest lie. Addicts, workaholics, hermits, all living their lives by coping or trying to escape reality. We were created to dwell in the will of God, where everything is going according to His plan and when the heavy stuff comes, we can always take shelter in Him. This reality is so much better than the lies we tells ourselves in order to keep self-medicating. God didn’t leave us here to die at our hands but to live the freedom He suffered so violently for on Calvary.

They say the riches place on earth is the cemetery. People who have come and gone, dying with the solution for their generation inside them. Minds that weren’t exposed to the mysteries of God’s Word, hearts that weren’t open to trust Him fully, and souls that were unaware of how one of a kind they were. You are as unique as your fingerprint, there will NEVER be another you. EVER! Realize how special, wonderfully made, and loved you are. You’re calling is specific and customized for you only. The God who’s created millions of species surely cannot run out of ideas for greatness in every single human being on the planet; dead or alive. We only get to do this once. Be as bold as the person jumping off a plane. Jump! God is more than a parachute.

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14

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