• Vanessa Clark

It's Complicated.

Have you ever considered what it takes to be a leader in the Body of Christ? How they move in the power of God equal to us but with greater responsibility is mind-blowing. The sensitivity that is required to have of the Holy Spirit, the knowledge they must acquire by the Word of God, the holiness they must walk in privately and publically is amazing. Contrary to the world’s perspective, church leaders are not placed on pedestals but, they are the greatest servants among us. When it comes to applying church discipline to the most sensitive situations, we either trust their judgment or judge them too harshly for their final decisions. Here are 3 best ways to trust leadership when they apply discipline within The Church.

They’re qualified.

There are countless videos online that try to ruin The Church’s reputation as the house of God, and if we believers were truthful about it, those videos have discouraged us about our own people. Sex scandals, embezzlements, malicious gossip, we’ve all seen it unfold under the microscopic scrutiny of the world, making it even more difficult to defend The Body of Christ as we invite unbelievers to Sunday service. Church leaders are first called by God and then appointed by men. When this holy process is turned on its head where The Church appoints leaders that are NOT called by God is when scandal ensues.

We can never trust the flaws of humanity but, what we can trust is the calling and gifts over our leaders' lives because God is backing them. God qualifies them, He trains them long before we honor them with positions and titles, and in doing so, reinforces our trust in them when they make the most difficult decisions in applying discipline to church members.

They bear fruit.

How is it that we can trust our leaders when they’re at the pulpit or operating in their gifts but, when they have to handle controversial or complicated issues within The Church, we begin to doubt their authority? We hold them to a higher standard as leaders and because of that, we feel we have the right to oppose their judgments. We trust them while they’re serving but, we question them when they walk in authority. It’s unfair. The way to get over that is to honor the fruit that they bear. When our leaders show integrity, love, compassion, and empathy outside of the church, we can trust that they will continue to bear fruit even when challenged by difficult situations that call for discipline.

God trusts them.

When God wakes up our leaders at 3am to intercede on our behalf, God trusts them to be obedient. When God disrupts their lives so that they can give us a word of knowledge, God trusts them to relay the message. When God chastises our leaders in order to sharpen them, He trusts them not to run from maturity. God trusts our leaders. He is the ultimate qualifier and allows them to bear fruit. When God gives His stamp of approval we would be remiss if we didn’t trust what He does. Church leaders live their lives under the harshest of microscopes and we can’t apply their humanity to their acts of service without showing grace. It’s complicated. What they live through and by, at times, is hard to understand but, because God has entrusted them to lead and cover us, then we must trust them as well.

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