• Vanessa Clark

Image Is Everything

Men wear masculinity as if it's something that can be defined by their outward appearance. Muscles, baggy jeans, sports jerseys, all have nothing to do with the definition of being a man. Anatomy has made it easy for us to distinguish male and female but, what gets blurred and lost in translation is the meaning of “man”. So, while men pump iron to boost their testosterone, scream obscenities while watching sports, and never ever cry in front of other men, God is searching for true men. Kingdom men trade in the perceived image of masculinity for the image of God.

The Bible states it so clearly in Genesis 1:26, “Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth”. We read here that the purpose of man was for

God to replicate Himself. He created sons and it is only within the truth of this creation that man can have dominion. Kingdom men can be CEOs, world changers, and even the best fathers when they understand sonship. Boys everywhere long to be strong and worthy of their fathers and when their fathers are absent they look to whatever seems strong. Gangs, bullies, and criminals emulate a false strength but it fills a void within boys looking for someone or something to believe in. The image of God is the greatest example of strength and truth.

Today’s society has gotten to a grotesque place where the emotional constipation of men is preferred over their vulnerability. The mistreatment of women is an example of this. Men who philander and abuse women find it easier to be cruel then to be sincere; it’s an internal brokenness that continues to break everything around them. We see that the Creator of the universe is powerful and mighty yet, He gently forms His son, a man, with His own two hands from the earth. God shows us love and vulnerability through the care and time He takes to make Adam. Men are more comfortable with being aggressive and non-expressive if it means they can keep this faux image of manhood. The image of God is the greatest example of power and love.

Even with the absence of fathers in the home there isn’t a lack of male CEOs in the world. Men have excelled in business, military, and the progression of mankind but, how is it that such brilliant beings can invent the wheel and not realize the negative effects they’re having on humanity? A faithful father can work from sun up to sun down and

never really know his family. (1 Timothy 3:4) A good man can contribute to charities and not remain faithful to his wife. (Matthew 6:1) Any good deed done without the kingdom agenda of God being the main reason for doing it leaves men empty and disconnected. Men may be responsible for pushing our world into greater eras but, without God doing the influencing, men have just become puppets to their own ambitions. The image of God is the greatest example of purpose and wholeness.

All it takes is a submitted man to be used by God in power to influence those around him. (Proverbs 27:17) Humility is the greatest image men can have. True men willingly humble themselves to God’s agenda and in doing so are endowed with power from their Creator. Dominion isn’t a personal performance of ego; it is an act of unwavering allegiance to God that declares Him King and Lord. A man made in the image of God is a man of honor whose life is sold out for his Father with a family and a society that follows suit. No matter his muscle mass, income, or status, a kingdom man looks just like his Daddy.

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