• Vanessa Clark

I Don't Feel Like It!!!

The biggest problem with being human is being human! These glorious five senses help us to navigate our world but they are also our downfall. Wrapped in flesh and spirit-filled is a divine design yet, we live out our days more fleshly than spiritually and we often forget that we are spirits FIRST who are wrapped in humanity. We are such beautiful creatures made in the image of God and there’s more to us than skin and bones, our spirits are what make us incredibility unique as a species. Neglecting our spirit and living life through our five senses will only result in disaster; here are the 3 best ways to live spirit first.

1. Know The Source

The Holy Spirit is often depicted as an emotional entity who makes us hoop and holler during church services, and speak in bizarre languages that are mocked by the world. He is the third person in the Holy Trinity, yes, a person; with authority, and feelings, and everything! The Holy Spirit is who convicts, strengthens, and empowers us, He is the one who rose Jesus from the dead; ultimately He’s the most powerful and sensitive best friend we could ever have. He connects our spirit with God, He reveals the deep things of God, He makes known to us our purpose and destiny so…it’s a good idea for us to get to know Him.

The bible tells us to never stifle the Holy Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:17), to never put out the fire that He ignites in our hearts. He calls us to holiness and helps us to achieve it, He helps us to bear the fruit of His amazing personality the longer with we walk with Him, and The Holy Spirit is the one to help us run from temptation by giving us the victory. Knowing Him is the key to living spirit first without succumbing to the persistent flaws of our humanity.

2. Read God’s Word

This can feel understated, as we’ve heard it over and over how important it is to read our bibles but, no matter, it’s an essential part of living spirit first. Just as we would never carelessly dive in to build something intricate without a manual, the bible teaches us exactly how to live; step by step. It tells us how messed up we are in sin, how much our flesh wants to give in to sin, and also how we can conquer it. Carnality will ALWAYS oppose our spirituality; these two are the most polarized combinations EVER, of course, we’re going to need supernatural help! The bible tells us “these two forces are always fighting each other, so you are not free to carry out your good intentions.” (Galatians 5:17) How would we know the solution to this war is in the Word of God unless we pick it up daily and become the greatest war strategists ever!

3. Look To Jesus

Let’s be frank; Jesus never had sex, never married, never cursed anyone out, never robbed, killed, or hurt anyone, ever. He is called the light of the world because He deserved it! Jesus took His five senses, enjoyed them for the gifts they were but, never served them in disobedience to God. He knew what it was to suffer, have manly urges, go hungry, feel fear and anger, to never submit to how He was feeling. Jesus lived spirit first so that we would have the greatest example to follow. There’s no way He could have fasted for 40 days and nights without quitting if He didn’t live by the Spirit, no way He could have endured a gruesome trial and the torture of Calvary had He not consistently tapped into the part of Him that was always connected to The Source; God.

God calls us to perfection (Matthew 5:48) no matter what our humanity tries to dictate, we even have it in our everyday language…”Nobody’s perfect.” and yet, Jesus lived in perfection. The key is to know the Holy Spirit, study God’s Word, and look to Jesus as an example. Even reading this you’re probably anxious about perfection and how it could possibly apply to you…today is a great day to give it a try. Live spirit first and have a front-row seat to the miraculous life God intended for you to have!!

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