• Vanessa Clark

How To Seek God While Under Quarantine

We find ourselves in the strangest time of virtual affection, touch-free nods of salutations, and online church services. We can no longer “greet one another with a holy kiss” (1 Corinthians 16:20) as Paul encourages, or worship side by side, or even lean over to tell our neighbor encouraging things our preacher says at the pulpit. Countries have closed their borders, businesses have locked their doors, and the threat of another great depression is upon us.


As believers we know that God is up to something, even though it challenges our faith, we know that ALL things are working for our good. So, as we homeschool our children with math we don’t understand, and cook six meals a day for our families, and run out of things to watch on Netflix, here are the BEST 3 REASONS to seek God while under quarantine.


For crying out loud there’s a virus running rampant! It’s ok to slow down and be inconvenienced with new rules and regulations if it means you get to save your life. Pandemics don’t care about our work schedules, upcoming projects, or even our birthday celebrations, but we won’t get to blow out any more candles if we don’t surrender to the new ways of sanitation. Let’s just face it; life as we know it has changed.

Now that we have confronted the crisis in the world, let’s face the pending crisis in our homes. Some of us are realizing that we don’t have enough patience to be around our own children, perhaps we’re noticing we don’t like our spouses, or maybe we aren’t as in control as we thought. When we stare at a work of art long enough we see beyond the painted masterpiece and see the cracks. We must face what has gone neglected in our family life, that God reveals what has been hidden in plain sight all along. We need to seek Him for the answers that WILL save our families!


Aside from the consistent running around it takes to efficiently steward over a household, we suddenly have more time. Perhaps for the first time in a long time, we have time to spend. Similar to the stimulus package issued to Americans in need, spiritually, God has sent an influx of time to spend with Him. It’s already difficult to shut off the demands of the day when we kneel to pray but, now we have the time to seek God, the time to get it all done. Maybe it’s not a huge increase, maybe you’ve gone from an hour with God to two, the point is that the same power and access we have in prayer has now MULTIPLIED!

Seeking God is a part of a believer’s daily walk and now we have more time to really hone in on that bible study, that new worship song, that awesome sermon series. WE HAVE THE TIME! It is a blessing! Feeling the unction to go pray but we can’t get away from work, delaying the time we have to worship because we have to finish our chores; all these things can now wait! God has given us the sweetness of time to be alone with Him, to escape the world for a moment, and to be in His presence. He’s such a good good Father!


Pandemics have a way of exposing governmental systems in the world. Who’s in charge, who has the power, and what is their endgame? Just about every system we know has taken a hit; judicial, economical, theological, medical, etc. As believers, we expect the Second Coming of Christ, what if this is just a dry run to the end of times? How are we responding in our giving, in our church attendance (Yes, even online!), in our witnessing to the lost?


The truth is we don’t know what’s coming next; all we have is our faith, God’s Word, and the opportunity to “seek Him while He may be found”! (Isaiah 55:6) As scary as this is we cannot cower in our homes succumbing to boredom and petty frustrations with our families. NOW is the time for God to reveal to us the mysteries of heaven (Jeremiah 33:3), now is the time to hear His voice more clearly than ever, to discover our true calling and purpose. What’s coming may be worse or we may all be shifted to better times ahead but, it doesn’t change the course of our relationship with God that REQUIRES us to seek Him.

More importantly, God’s worth our pursuit of Him, as He bankrupted heaven to hand over His only Son Jesus to die for our sins. Has He not proven Himself worthy of the chase? If there should be any more convincing, SEEK Him and all doubts and excuses will fade away in the glory of His presence.

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