• Vanessa Clark

Godly Hunger

In prior centuries feasts were prepared for specific celebrations like, weddings or birthdays but in our present time anyone, for no particular reason, can drive to their nearest buffet and feast for hours. We have endless access to food, from our corner stores to fast food joints, as opposed to having to hunt or farm for survival. History tells us that most human beings ate to live and didn't live to eat. Cravings, countless food options and, advertisements can have us thinking about food all day long. Since this way of eating has become habitual, the practice of NOT eating, or fasting, becomes less desirable.

The bible tells us to pray and fast and it's not requested but obligated as a necessary tool for kingdom living. For any major event or journey people of the Bible fasted. Daniel fasted and received favor from the Babylonian Kingdom (Daniel 1:12-17), Moses fasted and received the 10 commandments (Exodus 34:28, and Jesus fasted after His baptism to prepare for the last three years of His ministry (Matthew 4:1-2). Fasting prepares you for what's ahead and no believer should step into the future without it.

Perhaps God picked these biblical giants to give us hope, which may help us understand that our own flaws don't disqualify us from being vessels of His glory. The remedy for

these misgivings and mistakes is fasting. A heart of repentance, a return to holiness, or simple spiritual maintenance can all be established through fasting. King David fasted for his child's life to be spared; a judgment sent to King David by God for murdering his own friend. For seven days he went without food or water but God didn't spare his son instead, with an act of repentance, God changed King David’s heart.

The prophets of old moved in God's mighty power because they would fast and pray, maintaining their spiritual lifestyle. We don't fast to get God to do for us, we fast to get closer to Him and to know what He would have US do. Fasting isn't a form of currency in which we use God as an ATM but it does grant us access to our God who owns everything! God honors sacrifice and He rewards those who diligently seek Him. In our hunger and pursuit for God "going hungry" or, fasting, is worth the reward of knowing Him better.

Here at Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries we have seen the hand of God move in our lives through the power of fasting. The miracles performed, prayers answered and, even the longevity of our ministry has been accelerated forward through fasting. With every plate turned away God has turned on His power, with every lifestyle choice interrupted by sacrifice God transforms us into being more like Him and every hunger pang is a Godly reminder of Him who we chase after. With everything set before us and all we must accomplish fasting is key, it's worship, it's necessary. So, give up your comforts, drive pass the buffet and, increase your godly hunger. It's time to fast!

Please join us as we begin the 2019 new year with a fast. January 1-21st. Ezra 8:21-36

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