• Vanessa Clark

Forgotten Angels

We all have that family member or friend with these outrages war stories and battle scars. We sit and listen as they animate being on the field or behind bars and although these stories are laced with humor it doesn't hide the tragedy. Most of us create a safe place for their nostalgia as they reminisce of their challenges as we cover our mouths in horror, but some of us look away, not wanting to believe their story. Some of us would call them crazy, question their mental stability or take pity for what they've endured. Physical bars that keep parents from their children to mental prison bars that keep veterans from reuniting with the very nation they've bled for. The gulf between them only grows wider within the easiness of forgetting. “Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

At times it's difficult to think about the suffering of others but it shouldn't cause us to look away from the ones that need our love and charity the most. This holiday season; join us here at Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries, to give the soldiers who have given us the best gift of a safe and secure nation a gift in return with Veteran Boxes.

Help us to love on the children whose parents can't be with them by placing gifts under The Angel Tree, easing the absence and adding to their joy on Christmas. So please feel free to donate a toy or a book toward this beautiful and life changing cause.

Here's what we are asking for the boxes for our veterans to contain:


· SNACKS peanuts, granola bars, power bars, instant soup, powered hot chocolate, instant coffee, powdered creamer, singer serve bagged chips,

· SANITARY ITEMS hand sanitizer, lip balm, baby wipes, lotion, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair combs/brushes

· MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Pens, unsharpened pencils, note paper, blank cards/envelopes, socks

With all neighborly love we at Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries embrace you and your family this holiday season and thank you with all of our hearts for contributing to these two great causes!




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