• Vanessa Clark

Don't You Just Hate Being Good?

The biggest misconception the world has within atheism is that if you’re good there’s no need for God. We can all be kind, moral people without this “Jesus religion” giving rules and regulations that stifle what humanity wants to do. Sad isn’t it? Morality is misused by atheists to support their self-sufficiency because if they are inherently good without God, what’s the point of believing in Him. Here are 3 reasons why morality isn’t enough to replace our faith in God.

1. We are flawed.

Is it human nature to be good? The bible says everyone is born into sin Psalm 51:5Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin, my mother conceived me.” but if we were to just use children as an example we have evidence of the lack of goodness they show at times. Mischievous, defiant, combative, greedy, selfish; this isn’t the description of a criminal, these adjectives can easily describe a 5-year child opening Christmas presents and not getting what they want. Training up a child isn’t a meager suggestion, it is proof of the wickedness in our hearts that needs to be trained into submission. We are born flawed, human nature is sinful nature and there’s only one thing that can eradicate sin; JESUS!

You don’t have to teach a child to say “mine” you have to teach them to share.” –James Turek

2. Morality without God is meaningless

Let’s say that we all are born inherently good, that solely based on humanity we can live a utopian life, the problem with that is there wouldn’t be a point. What is good without bad? Reward! Our grading systems, prison systems, family structures show the overall consequence of being good or bad. Being good without being rewarded loses its meaning of goodness in life. The ultimate reward for being good is reaping what you sow in eternity, in atheism forever does not exist so, their morality stands on the position of being good for the sake of being good just to die and end up worm food. Morality without God is meaningless!

3. Only God can validate our goodness

Adam and Eve didn’t have a bible they could refer to for them to know that Cain killing Abel was wrong. Right and wrong are written on our hearts, an atheist can live a life in morality but, there’s no way to justify it without referring to God’s nature. What standards of morality are concrete enough to stand on besides the all-powerful nature of God? It’s so easy to have spirituality without moral accountability, in other words, atheists can claim morality separate from God without acknowledging that goodness ONLY comes from God. “No one is good but One, that is, God.” Mark 10:18

The enemy of our souls would have us to believe that we are complete and good without God, that Jesus is just a historical person and not the Savior of the world. There is safety in being good; the sweet neighbor who cuts our grass, the kind stranger who pays for our groceries, the nice person who gives us the money that fell out of our pocket but, to what end? These acts of goodness have meaning at the moment and it feels great to be on the giving or receiving end of them but, it’s empty without God, a deceiving practice with an aim to eradicate God’s existence. God is good and without Him, morality is just a counterfeit way of living that leads to a deceptive life of self-sufficiency, and an eternity without Him.

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