• Vanessa Clark

Don't Get It Twisted

I can do all things through the potential of Christ who infuses me with the ability to do all things. –Dr. Myles Monroe

Philippians 4:13 is one of the most quoted verses among believers. It’s often whispered before a final exam or a business deal, or a single mother at her wits end as her children run rampant around the house. Strength; where do we get it from and why do we need it? According to scripture, our two hands can achieve anything when strengthen by God but we’ve summed it up to moments of desperation when it is in fact the essence of our potential. Strength from God is a continuous outpouring of His potential in us that sustains our ability to do His good works. Here are 3 reasons why our abilities are wrapped in God’s strength.

1. It’s in our design

God is in everything He created. We marvel at the fact that we can eat a juicy apple take its five seeds and create more apples; this can go on forever. God’s amazing design demands that all things have the ability to multiply itself. Strength is in you, a part of your DNA so when Paul encourages the masses that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” it isn’t a foreign blessing ignited by stress over your job loss or turbulent marriage, it is an ability planted in your design.

Thus your potential is as great as God’s potential because when God wanted you He spoke to Himself. –Dr. Myles Munroe

2. To endure the fall

When astronauts took a flight to outer space the first 5 minutes of the launch were the deadliest; the rocket could explode right before takeoff. Never mind the threat of the unknown or the million and one things that could go wrong on a mission, the first 5 minutes could mean certain death. The fruit of good and evil wasn’t there to tempt mankind, God was always sure to give us a choice to love, and yes, even in the midst of the most utopian time the earth has ever witnessed. Contingencies are in place for falls and even explosions. The strength that God has given us helps us to withstand our sinful nature. We could never abstain without His help! The strength that God gives helps us to fight the good fight of faith even as we are wrapped in flesh.

3. There will always be “all” things

Trials, tribulations, situations, barriers, attacks, will be a constant reminder of why we need God’s strength for all things. Often times people who suffer addictions are told to begin with the first step, and no matter how small they’re encouraged to continue making progress. An avalanche begins with a minuscule shift, a bad relationship starts with a tiny looking away from his/her bad behavior. We are equipped with strength for the big and the small, all things require our supernatural ability to tap into who we are, and most importantly who we belong to.

You came out of God, thus the limit to your potential is God. –Dr. Myles Munroe

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