• Vanessa Clark

Dirty Mirror

The root cause of all the chaos in the world is the slow diminishing of The Family unit. Think about it, every known and unknown way of living is cultivated within the homes we grew up in. Our families teach us about life, love, and everything in between. It’s scary when we reflect on how much of our daily habits, prejudices, and choices are based on the chromosomes that formed us and The Family that raised us. Biologically a fetus can hear the voices of his/her parents at 16 weeks and can recognize those same voices the moment they’re born. If a “fresh out the womb” human being can pick up the sounds of his/her creators, what other effects, positive or negative, will begin to shape them? The Family is the most vital womb and launching pad for every single human being on the planet. It is the divine system that mirrors the kingdom of God. (Genesis 1:26-28) So, what happened?

Some of us have the benefit of living in communities that are safe and peaceful but, for others it may be a panicked filled 10-foot walk to the car because it is so unsafe. In

either community, through the convenience of media outlets, we can all see the crimes and catastrophes that occur on a daily basis. If we view these terrible occurrences through the lenses of The Family, most of the time, we can see the absence of a father. Metaphorically the Bible describes the father as the head of the household

(1Corinthians 11:3) but even spiritually and physically nothing can survive without a head. The father covers and protects so, how would a child raised in a home without those benefits react and live in an already volatile world? Imagine a home without a roof or locks enduring all four seasons, now picture the children in that home. Is it really a question of how weathered they’d be, how downtrodden?

There are more single mothers raising children than ever before and when these brave women are forced to take on both roles, their one role as a mother suffers significantly. Mothers, by God’s definition, were never meant to do it alone. How do we know this? The Family unit was divinely designed by God and no

where in God’s Word do you see Eve left to produce and raise generations of children on her own. Just as we are told to stay away from foods that lack nutritional value, single mothers who need to also be a father to their children sadly don’t have the capability to love freely. A mother teaches and cultivates the gifts in her children, she stifles fear with her love and encourages their future with her affection. Imagine a home without nourishing food, without any household comforts, blankets or lights, now picture the children in that home. Is it really a question of how cold and mistrusting they’d be?

Every crime is connected to a broken heart and every broken heart can be traced to the lack of values in the home. Oh, how far we’ve turned away from God’s design of The Family! Children are allowed to disobey without consequence, fathers are allowed to be absent and call it, “a long day at work”, and mothers are allowed to neglect their children of necessary discipline and call it, “keeping the peace.” (Proverbs 3:12) The solution to a better world is the sharp focus on bettering our families but we can’t get better without submitting our ways of doing things to God’s way. The purpose of The Family is to perpetuate God’s glory, to reproduce His image on earth but right now that image is muddied like a dirty mirror. There’s hope. It starts with the rag and Windex in our hands and the constant washing of our hearts.

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