• Vanessa Clark

Demolish. Devastate. Dominion.

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

We can remember a time when wars were fought with just swords and stones and although these weapons cannot be compared to our atomic bombs, there was still mass destruction within our human history. Most of the biblical wars that we read about don't end when the people have surrendered, but it's when the city and everything in it is demolished and set ablaze. Women and children are enslaved, property is pillaged, and fires are set to eradicate the very presence of the people who lived there before. It's an absolute take over and some of these orders were given by God Himself. Why?

In the bliss of the Garden of Eden God told man to take dominion, to rule. It seemed redundant to tell man to be at the top of the food chain when nothing had an appetite for him. God was instilling in mankind, before wars or the fall, the necessity of authority. When we are in authority it means there's a responsibility of leadership; like a father over a son. The authority God gives us tells us that we know best, that we carry solutions to problems, and that we can rule as long as we're following the Ruler. In God's infinite wisdom He knew that the kingdom of darkness would oppose His Kingdom and His children in it.

God made a promise to the Hebrews that were enslaved for hundreds of years under the relentless power of Egypt. Even after the story of their freedom would go down in history as one of the most significant examples of God's faithfulness, there was a land He promised them that wasn't freely given. They had to use their authority to destroy the inhabitants of that land. Kill everybody! God doesn't do business with darkness, it has a way of sneaking in and ruling us from shadowed corners and old habits. You kill a thing by cutting of its head, guaranteeing its total devastation. Luke 10:19 "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you." God is telling us that our authority has to be used in absolution toward the enemy of our souls because Satan is clever enough, after centuries of learning the ins and outs of mankind, to find a crack in our armor and slowly take over our lives like a parasite.

Without realizing it we go to war on a daily basis over who we were and who we are. God's authority isn't just for land and destroying the enemy but it's also meant to keep us free from our pasts, from the lost souls we were before salvation. Surrendering is an act of war. Obedience is an act of war. Reading the Word of God and praying daily is an act of war. Just as soldiers never sleep at their post, the enemy of our souls never sleeps and vigilance is crucial . We have the authority to live our lives in freedom, to speak to ourselves as new creatures and command ourselves to STAY FREE! Every day we should demolish and devastate who we use to be and take dominion over our lives, the lives that Jesus died for.

Recently Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries took dominion over a property we've been praying for by driving three stakes into the ground. In biblical times it would be equal to sounding a trumpet of war, setting ablaze a city conquered for God and declaring a victory with a shout of praise loud enough to bring down walls. We understand that although it may look like an ordinary real estate acquisition, it's actually land, fought over through praying and fasting, for the expansion of the Kingdom God. Every possession we take in this world for God's Kingdom is a loss for the enemy’s camp. Souls, property, cities and nations we declare for God is a declaration of victory against the kingdom of darkness. Come on Zion, blow the trumpet! We stand in the authority of Christ waging a war that God has declared we've already won!

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