• Vanessa Clark

Cemetery: The Wealthiest Place On Earth

There’s a reason why we never see a U-Haul truck driving behind a hearse, we can’t take any worldly possessions with us into the next life. The point of gaining so much “stuff” isn’t to pack it all into our coffins rather, it’s to leave it behind for our legacy as a sign that reads “we were once here and lived out our purpose”. If we’re living our lives according to God’s plan, it does come with possessions; real estate, heirlooms, money. Prospering as our soul prospers manifests into physical wealth and what we do spiritually is what will bring forth fruit. How do we know that our daily walk with God will result in living out our potential? Here are the 3 ways to know you are maximizing your potential.


1. There is constant growth

In 2 Corinthians 5:1-9, Paul talks about our new heavenly bodies and the aches and pains that come from us longing to be with God in heaven instead of wrapped in our flesh. It’s a strange way to view death but in a way, Paul said, “I sure can’t wait to die.” How did he write this without sounding morbid? Most of us are afraid to die but Paul reminds us how fleshly that fear is because the reward of leaving these bodies is receiving new ones that can stand in the glory of God. Paul also sounds confident, most of the fear we feel about dying is everything that will be unfinished, the wastefulness of our untapped potential.

Verse 9 says “So whether we are here in this body or away from this body, our goal is to please Him.” Paul graciously brings us back down to earth and reminds us that as we wait there is work to do, our goal is to please God, and we do that by maximizing our potential. The evidence is constant growth where we can mark off on our spiritual and physical calendars the trials we’ve overcome, the habits we’ve put away for good, and the closeness we feel to God.


2. There is constant depth

Growth declares that we are moving from faith to faith and glory to glory. It’s pretty amazing how repeating the same word enhances the different meanings. Paul is teaching us about progression and the importance of the depth of movement; going deeper to end up higher. We see it in seasons, we see it in our own physical bodies, and in the character of God; Alpha and Omega. There is constant movement. A seed is the potential of a forest just as our purpose is the potential of God’s holy plan for our lives. The deeper the seed is planted the more room it has to grow, the deeper we go in God the more we grow. Our purpose didn’t begin at birth; it began in God before the foundations of the world. It’s enough to psyche us out! This is why we must know the deep things of God for in it is the potential we need to accomplish our assignments. Seeking the deeper things of God on a daily basis is a sign that you are maximizing your potential.


3. There is never satisfaction

What if Steve Jobs stopped after creating the very first iPhone or if Bill Gates quit after creating the first blueprint for Microsoft? Most of us wouldn’t know how to live without our iPhones or computers but, look at the void, the complete devastation of untapped potential. These pioneers will forever be known for their greatness not just because of the fame of their products but because they never quit. They were never satisfied with the success of their first product launch, they continued to dig deeper to revolutionize the world’s access to technology. Our potential doesn’t have a retirement plan or any sign of stopping, staying hungry for what’s next is a sign you are maximizing your potential.

Potential is:

· Dormant ability

· Reserved power

· Untapped strength

· Unused success

· Hidden talents

· Capped capabilities

Let’s all maximize our potential by constantly growing, constantly going deeper in the things of God, and never being satisfied with success!

*All quotes in bold were by the late Dr. Myles Munroe

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