• Vanessa Clark

Cast Your Cares

King David cried a lot during his reign. When we read through the book of Psalms there are so many pleas for God to deliver him from his enemies, for God to never leave his side. What heaviness King David must have walked in during his reign, the weight of his position and responsibility. Perhaps our lives can’t be compared to a ruling king but life happens to us all, and when it does it can crush us with its unexpected weight. Jesus asks us to cast our cares on Him, He is the only one to lighten the load. Psalm 55:22 (MSG) "Pile your troubles on God's shoulders - he'll carry your load, he'll help you out. He'll never let good people topple into ruin." So, how do we live our lives free of heaviness?

Prayer is a constant conversation with God and no, it’s not about dumping our worries and walking away refreshed, prayer is a dialogue where God speaks back. Confession is good for the soul and that’s why therapy is so awesome. We can sit there, release the aches in our hearts, confident that the other person is listening. What’s so amazing about talking to God is that He knows us in and out so His instruction is sure to deliver us from our burdens. If we “lay on His couch” long enough, through prayer, to hear what God will say back to us, we will rise up renewed, worry free.

The Word of God is a comfort to our weary souls. Reading about King David’s life being saved countless times gives us the strength to believe God through another day. The promises of God are in His Word, like jewels shining on a vast beach, we just have to walk along the shore picking them up. As our fingers sift through the soft sand to hold the priceless jewels, we have to be sure not to drop them. What use is it to have access to God’s promises only to neglect them, to live a life carelessly walking past what will sustain us? John 14:27

The most important thing we need to live a life free of burden is FAITH. How can we receive if we don’t believe? Faith means to wait in expectation of God, to hold Him to what He said He would do. No matter how convincing the pain, lack, or devastation is, can we believe what God said? Through relationship with Jesus we can exchange our burdens for His yoke; His way of living. Jesus tells us that His yoke light and that may seem like a contradiction but the truth is living life the way God intended will be better than any life we can attempt to live and build with our own to hands. God’s way of living may not always feel like the easiest but it is the most rewarding. On Calvary Jesus took upon Himself the sins of the world to free us, so when He tells us to cast our cares on Him, it’s because He can handle it. Matthew 11:28-30 Go ahead, cast your cares on Jesus, hand it all over. You’re too free to live life so burdened.

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