• Vanessa Clark

Just Keep Walking

Updated: Apr 10

Even if you have to walk alone; keep walking!

Imagine having the power to change the world, literally change it. If you knew it would cost you every cent you earned would you still seize that power? Perhaps the ability to end a crisis, war or evil in the world will cost you your life, would you still fight for the cause? We live our lives surrounded by the physical, our humanity, while the spiritual is calling out to us to be conquerors, to take dominion over the Earth. We face choices every day of which call to answer to, from how to be obedient to our sovereign God to how to pay our bills. It’s never easy, in this life we will have trouble but God affirms that He will always provide help with the ability to persevere.

Rev. Norm Stone fasted one summer day and felt a strong calling to aid in the fight against abortion in America. This wasn’t a small asking but God asked him just the same, “Will you hold up My standards against the murder of the innocent?” Even with crowds of protesters Rev. Stone knew he had a long arduous journey ahead of him, and so he began to walk. In 1986 with cameras flashing, shoelaces tied and supernatural stamina from God, Rev. Stone and his brother in Christ, Rev. Jerry Horn walked from coast to coast in America proclaiming the standard of God. Political tension was at an all-time high. They spent 80% of their time walking in order to sound the alarm on the travesty of abortion and the cry of God’s heart. That’s time away from family, time spent tending to oozing blisters and bloodied feet but someone had to answer the call.

After two years and 100,000 miles logged donations slowed down, publicity halted and their walking ministry (Walk America for Life) found itself no longer the center of attention. So what did these men do? With conviction in their hearts and God’s will ahead of them they planned another walk across America. They persevered!

"We want each of you to show this same giligenc to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized." Hebrews 6:11

I’m reminded of another Man who refused to give up. A Man so in love with thought of freeing and loving you that He chose to die so you may live. Jesus’ entire life was dedicated to you, imagine that, and His dedication didn’t start at Calvary but from the day He was born. Jesus chose to be poor that you may be rich, He studied for hours on end to fulfill a law that you would find impossible to live by. He delivered, healed, and ministered to the hopeless, diseased and dying, to the lost and broken so that you could find your story in theirs. He loved on the drunkards and prostitutes and with his bare hands touched lepers so that you could one day feel less unworthy of His love and freely receive it. Oh Glory, to the Lamb that was slain!

Wait, there’s more…

Jesus hid in bushes to evade assassins, was audaciously tempted by Satan after having no food or water, in the desert by the way, and His character was defamed by His own people. Jesus was betrayed by someone He loved dearly, sweated blood while praying in the Garden of Gethsemane as His disciples slept to then be handed over to Roman soldiers and their sadistic tools of torture. Hours of mutilation later after an unfair trial, he was delivered to the mob where He was spit on, mocked and forced to carry His own cross. Down the Via Dolorosa with blood covering every inch of His body dragging a heavy wooden beam to His death, Jesus had you in mind. With each bloodied footstep He pushed on, He persevered and in His heart He whispered your name.

Por La Via Dolorosa

I know it’s ghastly and extremely hard to imagine someone would willingly suffer and die for you but it happened just the same. This story has an epic ending with Christ rising from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father continuously making intercession for you. One would think a life of sacrifice and death on a cross would suffice but Jesus outdoes Himself in spending every second of His eternal existence standing in the gap for you. At this very moment the Son of God, Christ the Messiah is alive in you, blessing you with a life filled with the power to persevere in whatever He has called you to do. Will you answer the call?

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