• Vanessa Clark

Active Faith

Imagine the voice of God telling you that your family line will be as big and countless and the night sky. Now imagine the logic of His word over your will NEVER line up. We see this promise told in the book of Genesis to Abraham whose wife was barren and they were both past their prime. God NEVER gives us promises for our future that make sense to our present but, God always gives us promises that He keeps. The key is faith and that faith has to be alive and active in our daily walk with Him. Here are the three best ways to keep the faith while waiting for God to fulfill His promises over your life.


Having an ongoing conversation with God sounds like the easiest thing to do but, when life demands your time, spending moments in God’s presence to pray can be a big challenge. Prayer is the engine of our faith and it’s the first tool we need to teach our family for a healthy relationship with God. Even when we think of it logically; how close can we get to anyone without speaking to them first? We are less keen to open up to strangers because we don’t know them but, when a dialogue begins it gets easier to build a connection. When our children pray over their food or before bed it can become stale in its repetition, the frequency of prayer is important but, not as important as the awareness of its power.


Right along with prayer is knowing the Word of God. We can’t all have a burning bush speak to us and it’s not the lack of God’s ways of communication but, as we wait for manifested promises we need a necessary knowing. As Abraham looked at the stars and his wife’s empty womb the only thing to hold on to was the Word of God. For our families to live in active faith the Word of God must be at the heart of our homes. More than consuming television, playing on digital devices and, filling our time with aimless things, we must KNOW God’s word. It is the truth we need in a world that will deceive us and rob us of a relationship with God. It is where we find encouragement to hold on, instructions to follow, and of course more importantly, it’s where we find out MORE about who God is. He’s a promise keeper!


Having families with active faith demands that we be active in the Kingdom of God and, not just going to church on Sundays. As we wait on God’s promises we must be willing to be used to fulfill His promises for others. What does this mean? If we are waiting for God’s promise of healing we can visit others who are sick and encourage them. As we are waiting on a financial devastation to change we can be faithful in giving our tithes and be an answered prayer to someone else in need. Being active in God’s Kingdom activates our faith, “If God does it for ‘them’ He can do it for me.”

Our children must be privy to the hand of God moving in their church and community, witnesses to the Glory of God. Being doers of God’s Word builds our faith, a faith that is alive, active and, contagious! As we build our families and ministries, it’s imperative that we pray without ceasing (1Thessalonians 5:17), know God more than anyone or anything else (Matthew 6:33), and be doers of God’s word (James 1:22). Jesus, our Savior, came from the line of Abraham and had he refused to have an active faith only God knows what devastation that would have brought. God’s promises are bigger than us, it is heaven’s agenda flooding the earth and it takes an active faith to see what He’s said.

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