• Vanessa Clark

Abigail's House

There is an Abigail that we see in the bible who is known for her wisdom and humility and another famous Abigail, also known for her strength and intellect, that played a major role in American history. Both women were married to men of power and had amazing faith. The Abigail of the bible was married to King David and the Abigail of America's history was the second First Lady married to President John Adams. The most exciting thing about these two women is the influence they had in their husband's responsibility over the house of their nation. David would train up his child Solomon to build the Temple of Jerusalem and John Adams was the first president to move into the white house and the scary revelation was that both houses were destroyed. The White House was demolished by fire while the Temple of Jerusalem was torched by enemies. The common denominator is the folly of man but God still remains faithful to nations who have surrendered their authority to humanity. Politics demand the surrender of a people's choice while Kingdom principles promote freedom in the will of God.

When the Prophet Samuel elects a king you can hear the disappointing sigh of God in the pages of scripture. God intended to be our King, for His reign is without end and His Kingdom without corruption. The people demanded a physical leader that they could yield their power to, someone who could make all the decisions for them, even after God had proven Himself faithful to them through the wilderness. The evidence of a king painted a vivid and stark picture of where humanity was with God. This all knowing, benevolent God apparently wasn't enough for them and so King Saul ruled (Psalm 145:13). Men are flawed, we spend most of our time correcting mistakes in politics then we do living in peace from the trust we have in the system. For centuries we've been telling God that His way isn't needed, we have our own politics that govern people, and for centuries we've failed.

Political correctness has placed a muzzle over the church. The final authority in this nation is the White House instead of God's House and the fear of speaking out against political injustices has been with us since King Saul's inauguration. There is nothing wrong with order or systems created to keep peace (1 Peter 2:17) but, we are bonkers if we allow man-made politics to supersede the Word of God. God was just fine doing things His way. There was no sickness, or greed, or the need for political parties, we had it made when our Supreme Being and unfailing King ruled, it's the clay hands of humanity that destroy what they've intended to build; a world without God. Politics try to usurp God's power in order to gain absolute power but, just as the paint chips away on the White House so does the ego of humanity when God shows Himself strong.

Queen Abigail served her husband with submission and wisdom. First Lady Abigail wrote letters that shaped the way Americans view the Revolutionary War. Perhaps both women influenced their husbands in leading the generations after them in building their nations houses but, history has a terrible way of repeating itself. (1 Samuel 8:9-18) The control sought after by politicians in order to hold a seat in these powerful houses costs the very nations they're trying to protect. Whether in the Temple or the White House, God is looking for those who will submit to His Kingdom agenda. His will brings us back to Him while politics tear us apart and He'll continue to use your house and even Abigail's house to show the world who's king.

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