• Vanessa Clark

A Family That Stands

We may all come from Adam, the “Father of All Life” but, we live under the promise of Abraham the “Father of Faith”. Imagine standing below a sky of countless stars and being told by God that your legacy will be grand, and yet, you don’t have anyone to pass it on to. It took supreme faith for Abraham to believe God, not just for an heir but, for a way to be the kind of father that generations of parents after him could model his example. With such a profound weight of responsibility, anyone of us could cower but we’ve come to learn that when God makes a promise He keeps it and it always comes with instructions. (Genesis 18:19) Here are the three best ways to fortify your family as shown through the life of Abraham.

Tie Yourselves to Purpose

Here in America, we’ve all become spoiled by way too many options; college majors, career paths, marriage partners, we even get to choose between 40,000 supermarkets and that’s a lot of access to our food. In other countries, your academic career, your marriage, and future are picked for you, usually by your parents. If you come from a family of carpenters, for the sake of your family’s line and honor, you too become a carpenter. This may sound audacious compared to the many choices we are given but, there is something to it: PURPOSE. (Romans 8:28)

When a family has a unified purpose it’s harder for them to fall for distractions and easier for them to be successful at whatever the vision may be. Perhaps carpentry isn’t our family focus, maybe its hospitality, musicality, or even creating comedic videos on YouTube, whatever it is, greatness is sure to follow. The purpose of a family could be integrity or kindness, as long as values are an active discipline in the home it secures the generations to come. It was because Abraham knew he would be the father of many generations without first having a child of his that we are encouraged to keep the faith in our own lives. Purpose changes everything.

Tie Yourselves to Discipline

Ugh! That very word can feel so disheartening because it demands our total focus and dedication. Discipline yields the sweetest fruit (Hebrews 12:11) when we submit to it and avoid all other distractions. The world’s way of building a family is like a free for all buffet, “Choose what you’d like and it’s ok to change your mind at any time.” Now, unbelievers have morals and values just as we do but, if the foundation isn’t Christ it’s easier to sway from the standards that the world has built.

Abraham had to live a very disciplined life knowing that his children were judging his actions by how they would construct their own lives. When we eat clean our children will, when we obey the law,

openly serve God with passion and submission, our children will do the same. It takes a lot of “no’s” to say “yes” to a disciplined life but, every “no” seals the path of godliness and love for our children.

Tie Yourselves to Kingdom Living

Being a Christian today is pretty odd. While living in righteousness the world will judge us as bible thumpers and perceive us as slaves to a Gospel they themselves need. No matter the religious belief, human nature is a nasty thing, and we see evidence of this even in newborn babies. Granted, they can’t fend for themselves right out of the womb but, that selfish nature is only extinguished when babies are taught to share and love. Kingdom living is extremely difficult and at times may feel like you’re a newborn baby who has been told to make their own bottle. It seems impossible to live righteously while surrounded by a world who does whatever it wants and enjoys it but when we compare the end result, Kingdom living wins EVERYTIME!

We see evidence of God’s faithfulness through the life of Abraham and the fruit of his life are the generations after him; that’s US! We are here because God chose a man who would live for Him no matter what, forsaking the world’s view, fathering generations, and is forever a part of the love story that changed the world. The story continues with us, so we must build families that stand for God.

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