A time to reflect and strengthen our relationship with God for 50 straight days 24 hrs a day at the designated time God has provided for each individual.



1.   50 Days of  Prayer

The church body each spends 90 minutes for 90 days with someone teaching and sharing with them about God. This starts Jan 1st of each year.



4. 180 Days Prayer


TWOM provides support through prayer and service to the athletes and the Sertoma event.



7. Sertoma



Oil that is used for prayer or as a body scent that helps us further edify the Lord. The ingredients used came right out of the bible.




2.   Anointing Oil

5. Faith and Action Prayer meeting

8. Prayer Phone


A period of time abstaining from food and drinks to be able to hear Gods word and reflect on his greatness.



3. Fasting

6. Prayer Banquet

9. Marriage 




12. Marriage/

     Family Ministry

An annual weekend retreat dedicated to enriching relationships with each other and with God.



Spending time with God through reading and studying the word before continuing with daily tasks. Daily at 8:30 a.m. in the sanctuary. Anyone is welcome.



A time for the body of Christ to fellowship with one another over one weekend out of the year in close quarters.



Mtg 7:30 a.m. every 4th Saturday for a time of bonding study and prayer for men.



Spiritual guidance provided by Apostle Robinson III.



10. Church       Retreat

11. Morning Devotion

14. Women



13. Men


Mtg 9:30 a.m. every 4th Saturday for a time of bonding study and prayer for women.

15. Church

Advisory Council


Teaching the youth public speaking skills in partnership with James Simmons Elementary.




The leaders of the church come together to discuss matters of the church.



16.  Junior



18.   FGBMFI

21. Almsgiving


Connecting people with opportunities to reach out and help others find a better life and work together to build better communities.



19. Cursillo/


22. Celebration

17. Birthday


Celebrating the life of our members each month through fellowship with birthday cake during the last Sunday in the month.



20. Seafood Fest

23. New Year's

Eve Service


1.   Conference

Servants of God that join together in conference once a year to share what God has lain on their hearts in their specific ministries. Ministries including: Apostolic, Teachers, Evangelist, Pastoral, Prophetic and Specialty.



2.   Bait of Satan


This powerful curriculum is quite possibly the most important confrontation with truth you'll encounter in your lifetime. It exposes Satan's deceptive snare, offense used to get belivers out of the will of God. The very core of The Bait of Satan is often the most difficult obsacle an individual must face and overcome. This course is ongoing every Wed night.


3.   Pilgrimage/



Servants of God that join together in conference once a year to share what God has lain on their hearts in their specific ministries. Ministries including: Apostolic, Teachers, Evangelist, Pastoral, Prophetic and Specialty.



4.   Celebration

A spiritual retreat for the youth.




7.   KOGAF Kingdom of God Advisory Fellowship


A gathering place for ministries to be linked together with gifted men and women of God from diverse locations throughout the world.



10.   Toastmasters


A non-profit educational organization that teahespublic speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations.



Weekly visits to the elderly to share the gospel.



5.   Kings's



8.   Christmas Service


A time to share the story of our Lord Jesus Christ to the body of Christ.



6.   New Years's Eve Service


9.   Alms giving Sunday


Evening of giving thanks through testimonies and foot washing in honor of God. Bringing forth the word of God as the Lord leads



Members bring treasured items to church to give to someone else that may be in need.




1.   Treasure Chest

4.   Feeding the      Firefighters

2.   Spelling Bee

Join Trinity Worldwide outreach Ministries this holy season to make a difference in our neighbors lives. We are accepting treasured items to offer to our less fortunate neighbors in the North Central area of downtown Charleston. Any money donated will go to the poor. Be a blessing a receive a blessing



Spelling Bee competition is held between 4th, 5th and 6th grade students to promote education initiatives in our community.




During the Christmas season TWOM partners with Prison Fellowship to provide gifts and spiritual encouragement to the families of prison inmates.




3.   Angle Tree

We support FCA at Burke HS and Charleston Charter School of Math & Science by providing speakers & programs to school coaches and athletesl FCA encourages service to others in the name of Jesus.




Twice out of the year we share God's love by feeding thoes who serve us in our North Central neighborhood community.




Dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiental, hands-on programs.




5.   FCA


6.   Junior     Achievenment

7.   Veterans Military Gift Box

To show our appreciation during the Christmas season to those of the armed forces who have given of themselves sacrificially we send gift boxes out to those brave men and women.




8.   Christmas Slightly North


9.   Kingdom Assignment

Weekly collection of funds for people to use to be a blessing to others. And then to share with the church how the Lord has led them to be a blessing.




10.   Soul-winning

11.   Trinitas Foundation

Healing America one heart and one block at a time.




12.   Prison Ministry

Kairos- TWOM participates in Kairos Ministry with 4 annual visits to prisons. The gospel message is shared with participating inmates, and lives are transformed.

His way- addresses the spiritual, physical and mental needs of ex-offenders.




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