$200 per Child,  $100 for each additional child. These prices are for the entire summer. June 10- August 9 2019

Ages 4-12

6 Spots left Ages 4-6

All payments must be paid in full by May 3, 2019. Payments can be mailed to Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries at 977 King St. Charleston SC 29403. Walk-in payments are accepted on Fridays ONLY

Incompleted applications will NOT be submitted.

Child Information


Parent/ Guardian Information

Who else has permission to pick up your Child?

Emergency Contacts

Child Medical Information

Health History

Child Medical Insurance Coverage

Consent to Medical care and treatment of minor children

 If all terms are not accepted your application WILL NOT accepted.

It is important that the students work in a safe and orderly environment, where it is recognized that inappropriate behavior affects student learning, and will not be tolerated. By clicking  the accept button below you agree with the JBI Jr. student code of conduct and will encourage your child to adhere to the rules set by TWOM and JBI Jr. policies. You also agree that appropriate behavior applies to all students at all times on ministry property, vehicles, and ministry sponsored events.



I understand that my child will have the opportunity to participate in field trips with JBI Jr. Ministry. I understand that my child will be supervised by JBI Jr. workers at all times. I also understand that my child will be transported in a Ministry owned, operated, or designated vehicle.

I request that my son/daughter be allowed to attend such field trips. Some field trips may be an extra charge and you will be given prior notice should that occur. 

JBI Jr. parent or guardians are encouraged to volunteer at JBI in any way they can. Parent/Guardian’s may help during academic times, snack, field trips, etc. and will be under the direction of the JBI Workers.

Release for Use of Photos and Likeness by Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries/JBI Jr.


I understand that Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries/ JBI Jr. may take photographs, video, audiotape or other image and sound-based media of the campus, including classrooms, and its workers, participants, and visitors, to also includes field trips and community service projects. Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries/ JBI Jr. may wish to use such photographs for educational, promotional, advertising, and other purposes. This permission for release, without compensation or prior notice, would allow Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries/ JBI Jr. to use photographs in its printed publications, during presentations, and otherwise.


Therefore, I hereby freely and voluntarily consent to the use and publication of my name, my child’s name, participation, picture, and/or likeness by Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries/ JBI Jr. and/or its workers for any and all purposes including, but not limited to, educational, promotional and advertising, through any medium or format, including, but not limited to, videotape, audiotape, film, photograph, television, radio, digital, internet, theater, or exhibition, at any time from this date forward until I revoke this consent in writing. I further waive any claims against Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries/JBI Jr. and/or its workers based upon or related to its use or publication of my or my child’s likeness, voice, participation, and/or picture.

Journey Bible Institute Jr. Leadership Summer Enrichment Ministry Student Rules


Self-control is important to having an excellent time while you are here at JBI Jr. for nine weeks. All students have a right to a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. We believe that in order to maximize teaching and learning in the classroom, parents, teachers and the JBI Jr. administration must work together to support a consistent set of rules of behavior:

  1. Students shall dress and groom themselves in an appropriate manner as long as such dress and grooming doesn’t present health or safety hazards or substantially disrupt the educational process. (NO short shorts or skirts).The JBI Jr. T-shirt that is assigned to the student is required to be worn daily. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions.

  2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself (no hitting, pushing or rock throwing).  Students shall seek assistance of a teacher, T.A’s, and JBI Jr. Administration when having a problem with another student. Fighting, pushing, rough play, tackling, shoving, kicking or touching another person will not be allowed. Students shall refrain from throwing any objects that could cause injury to another person.

  3. Students shall be courteous and respectful to all, Speak to others in a polite manner (no swearing or put-downs) Students shall use appropriate language at all times with both adults and peers including peers, teachers, JBI administration, Teachers, Counselors, Kitchen Workers, Drivers, chaperones, and to the various businesses and their staff while visiting them as one of our educational sites (field trips). Students shall exhibit behavior that does not disrupt classroom activities, field trips, or interfere with another’s right to learn.

  4. Your child will be expected to help clean up. We will keep Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries clean -- throw away all trash. If your child damages or break anything it will be their responsibility to fix or replace the item.

  5. Leave all food (ex. chewing gum/candy/sunflower seeds) and all other contraband, (ex. mp3 players, cell phones, electronic devices, games, toys, etc.) at home.

  6. Students can leave T W O M grounds only with your parent/guardian and teachers. Use sidewalks and crosswalks when coming and leaving Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries.

  7. Students shall walk in a quiet and orderly manner when passing in the halls and throughout Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries as well as the businesses we visit, until it is time to ask questions. Students shall exhibit proper and safe behavior going to and from Trinity Worldwide Outreach Ministries, whether on a bus or while walking. Line up quickly and quietly after recess and field trips. Students shall follow all basic rules of good manners when eating; remain seated until dismissed, refrain from the use of loud voices and pick up after themselves.

  8. Children who do not comply with these rules, will not be attending the trip.

  9. Students shall be responsible for all homework assigned.




  • 1st Referral- The student will be given a verbal warning and a parent will be contacted and a conference will be scheduled. Failure to schedule and attend a conference concerning your child’s behavior may result in your child’s dismissal from the ministry.

  • 2nd Referral- Suspension number of days to be determined by the rule(s) broken

  • 3rd Referral - The student will be dismissed from the JBI Jr. Summer Enrichment Ministry and will not be eligible to enroll in the 2020 JBI Jr. Summer Term.

Children must be taught at an early age to follow rules and regulations, to respect authority and the rights of others. All students must follow rules and regulations or eventually suffer the consequences.

In cases where words or deeds threaten violence to a student or group of students, the Director may determine that those responsible for such threats remain out of school.

For the safety of your child and all others here at the Journey Bible Institute Jr. Disciple Ministry, all students are expected to follow the Rules of Behavior. We will be consistent in discipline but consider each case individually. All discipline practices are aimed at the goal of developing self-control on the part of students. We want the students to enjoy JBI Jr. and grow to their potential. Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter.

Field Trip/Bus behavior Plan

1st Referral- The student will be given a verbal warning and a parent will be contacted.

2nd Referral- A parent will be contacted and a conference will be scheduled. Failure to schedule and attend a conference concerning your child’s behavior may result in your child’s dismissal from the ministry.

3rd Referral- The student will be dismissed from riding the bus for the duration or the JBI Jr. Leadership Summer Enrichment Ministry.


Attendance Policy

The Journey Bible Institute Junior Leadership Summer Enrichment Ministry is not a daycare center. Attendance is taken very seriously. Failure to follow the attendance policy will result in your child’s dismissal from the Ministry.


  • All absences must be excused in written form.

  • Acceptable reasons for absence include: Family vacation, Medical appointment (with doctor’s note), illness, or death in the family.

  • 5 unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the Leadership Summer Enrichment Ministry.

  • All students MUST participate in and be present for the Closing Celebration and will have no absences during the week preceding the celebration.


**Arrival and Pick-up Time Policy**

Your child needs to arrive at JBI Jr. no later than 8:00 am. Pick-up time must be no later than 5:00 pm. There will be a late charge of $1.00 per minute. 3 late pick-ups will result in dismissal from the Ministry

Family Vacation

Please turn in a written statement of the date that you will take your family vacation during the duration of the JBI Jr. Summer Term. You must give JBI Jr. written notice.

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